Discussion Invitations, inspired by Wikipedia's Feedback request service, are a way to invite willing editors to participate in the community more by providing their opinion on various Scratch Wiki-related activities. Sometimes discussions slow down (most commonly, in the Not Done section of the Community Portal), and they need be revived with new voices. That's what Discussion Invitations are for.


A template is provided that you can use to ask editors to participate in a discussion. It can be found at Template:Discussion Invitation.

Examples of Use

  • For asking editors to participate in a S:CP or S:CPND discussion that has gone inactive
  • For asking editors their opinion on a discussion on the talk page of an article

How to Use the System

It's simple: just add {{subst:Discussion Invitation|<discussion location>}} to the talk page of someone who is on the list, with an appropriate header! For example, if a discussion was going on at Talk:Scratch#Things about the programming that you wanted to invite others to participate in, you would write {{subst:Discussion Invitation|Talk:Scratch#Things about the programming}}. It does not include a section header.

Note Note: When inviting others to discussions, please be cognizant of their limit and/or restrictions, shown next to their name on the list.


The list of people who have signed up to receive discussion invitations is located at Scratch Wiki:Discussion Invitation/List.

Here is the list of users who have signed up:

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