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Holiday themes are special holiday-related changes to the Scratch Wiki logo.

A holiday theme from New Year's Day, 2014.


They are usually put up right before the associated holiday and removed shortly after the holiday is over. They are based on the original Wiki logo.

The generic, non-holiday Wiki logo.

Approving holidays

There are many holidays in the world. However, only a small fraction can be used for the Wiki holiday themes.

The holidays should not meet any of the criteria on this page. If they are OK, an Experienced Wikian will comment on the criterion proposal that it has been accepted.

Rejecting holidays

Due to the many holidays in existence, holiday themes should not be too frequent. If they are not OK, an Experienced Wikian will comment that it is not OK and mention or describe one of the following criteria.


H1: Religious holidays

Examples: Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day

Description: This criterion is for holidays celebrated for religious purposes, are generally associated with a specific religion, and are not observed by other religions.

Reason: The Scratch Wiki has Scratchers of several religions. In countries like the United States, where MIT is located, it is considered wrong to promote a religion as it is considered an act of religious establishment.

H2: Holidays associated with a specific English-speaking country

Examples: Canada Day, Australia Day, Independence Day

Description: This is for any holiday associated with a specific English-speaking country or a small group of such countries that is never or almost never observed in other countries. For non-English-speaking countries, see H3 below.

Reason: Not every Scratcher on the wiki lives in the same country as other Wikians.

H3: Holidays celebrated in primarily non-English-speaking countries

Examples: Chinese New Year, Hungry Ghost Festival*, Carnival*, Day of the Dead*

Description: This one is for holidays mostly celebrated in a country or group of countries where English is not both official and widely spoken. For English-speaking countries, see H2 above.

Reason: This is the English-language Scratch Wiki, not the DACH-Scratch Wiki.


* These ones are also religious holidays. See H1 for details on religious holidays.

H4: Unofficial and nontraditional, minor or non-notable observances (except Scratch Day)

Examples: All Caps Day, Big Cookie Wednesday, National Popcorn Day, most birthdays*

Description: A holiday or other observance meets criterion H4 when it is not a tradition or official observance, or when it is minor or non-notable.

Reason: It's obvious. Nobody would want to celebrate a minor holiday.


* This can also be an infringement on Scratchers' privacy.

H5: Fictional holidays

Examples: Whacking Day, Weasel Stomping Day, Chrismukkah*

Description: When a holiday meets this criterion, it is originally from a work of fiction. Often the holiday does not exist in real life.

Reason: This is real life. We are not fictional characters.


* This one is also an H4 violation.

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