This page in a nutshell: Breaking this rule constitutes edit warring, which will result in the protection of the page, and in the case of ongoing ignorance of the rule, the possible removal of editing privileges.

The Bold, Revert, Discuss (BRD) rule is a rule on the Scratch Wiki designed to prevent edit warring. In its most simple form, it means that if one user makes a bold (significant) and disputable edit to a page and another user reverts it, discuss the change rather than immediately reverting it back. Immediately reverting again can lead to edit warring, which is a situation where two users disagree over what should be the content of a page and keep reverting each other.

When this rule applies

This rule generally applies whenever someone makes an edit that causes major changes to a page without getting approval from several people first.

When this rule does NOT apply

This rule does not apply in a few situations:

  • Obvious vandalism (in which case an administrator should be notified immediately and the edit(s) should be reverted without question)
  • Insignificant edits (edits which do not cause any major changes and are not controversial)
  • Edits where the reverter does not provide a good reason for reverting the bold edit. When reverting, please give a quick reason in the edit summary and be prepared to explain more on the talk page.
  • Obviously inappropriate content which doesn't follow the Community Guidelines
  • Edits that have already been approved by several people (in that case you should have expressed your disapproval in the discussion that led to that edit)
  • Reverting your own actions (sometimes known as "self-reverting")
  • Reverting edits in your own userspace (as long as the content follows the Community Guidelines)

If the situation is listed above, do not cite this rule. The user had a right to make the edit and it should stay. In the case of insignificant or pre-approved edits, if you want to revert them, discuss before reverting.

What to do if someone violates this rule

If someone reverts your revert (puts the edit in question back) and the situation is clearly not one of the ones where this rule does not apply, then please notify a Wiki administrator who will temporarily protect the page and follow the issue up with the user.