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If you are unsure of what constitutes a good/bad request, reading this will definitely help. Please note that these sample requests do not refer to the same flawed article that you are required to use in your request notes. Do not copy and paste the request notes here for your request; you will be rejected. In this case, they use a hypothetical flawed article about the Scratch Team. Also, even if you read this page, you still must read the account request instructions.

Example Request Notes

Good requests

Request 1

In the flawed article, I noticed a few mistakes. First, there is a spelling error: the word "Scratch" is misspelled as "Scrtch". Second, there is a link to a page that does not exist: the link to the page "Asterisk". Finally, there is offtopic information: the article talks about Paddle2See's projects, which is not actually related to the Scratch Team and how it applies to Scratch.

I would also add two things to the article. First, I would add an image of a Scratch Team member's profile with an asterisk on it, so users can see how members are identified rather than just reading text about. Second, I would add a section about "Contact Us" so users know how to contact them directly.

– Good request

This account request clearly lists all the flaws that are found in the article and appropriately explains where they are. When suggesting information to add, the request is clear about what information would be added. This request is well-written with proper spelling and grammar with complete sentences.

Request 2

- One mistake is that there is unnecessary text styling, with the text "To join the Scratch Team, you must be hired, as it is a paying job" put in red.

- Another mistake is a personal opinion when the article says "I think the Scratch Team is very helpful around the website."

- A third mistake is where the article includes information not related to Scratch when talking about Paddle2See's kayaking hobby.

- I would add a section listing the members of the Scratch Team so that they can be more easily identified.

- I would add a link to the page about "Contact Us" in the section about it.

– Good request

This request also provides specific examples of flaws and what to add, and is also written correctly.

Bad requests

Request 1

The flawed article has a spelling error, a red link, and offtopic information. To improve it, I would add more information about the Scratch Team and remove the offtopic information.

– Bad request

This request lists categories where flaws come from, but does not actually list what the flaw is in the article. Additionally, the information that is suggested to be added is very vague, and "removing offtopic information" isn't actually adding anything.

Request 2

1. Scratch misspelled as "Scrtch" 2. Red link - Asterisk 3. Paddle2See's projects offtopic

Add image of ST member's profile and section about Contact Us

– Bad request

Although this provides more or less the same information as good request #1, this request does not use complete sentences. We require that users use proper spelling and grammar with complete sentences.

Request 3

Scratch is mispelled as Scrtch, Asterisk is a red link, and secton about Paddle2See's prjects is oftopic.

– Bad request

This request doesn't say what to add, has several words misspelled, and a grammar error.

Request 4

I noticed that the article about Scratch 2.0 has the word "Scratch" misspelled in it, the article about the front page curator has a red link to "Front page", and the section about comments uses first person in saying "Comments allow me to talk to other users."

Additionally, I would improve the article on Scratch Emojis by adding images of each emoji and would add a section to the Scratch 3.0 article about the new features that are going to be added

– Bad request

This request references articles that are completely unrelated to the flawed article. We only ask for flaws and additions in the flawed article we provide, not examples from other articles.

Request 5

I have been on Scratch for one year, and I really want to help on the Wiki. I noticed several articles that could use improvement and would really like to give back to the community.

– Bad request

This request does not answer the questions we ask.

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