Greetings! It seems you are interested in getting a Scratch Wiki account. This page has all the instructions!

Wiki contributors help document Scratch by improving and creating the articles on the Wiki. We strive to be as clear and organized as possible by following the writing rules and guidelines. The Wiki is a group effort. You can read more at the Wiki guidelines.


Are you looking to contribute in a different language?

  • This wiki is for English only. This is not the place if your English isn't strong.
  • Look for other wikis in other languages to find other wikis to contribute to.
  • Start a wiki in your own language if you can't find one with your native language.

Before you begin

  • Read the requirements listed to the right. If you do not follow these requirements, your account will not be accepted.
  • The Scratch Wiki follows the same rules as the main website, vandalism or inappropriate actions are prohibited.
  • Login to your Scratch account. You will need to confirm your Scratch account by commenting on a project before submitting your request.
  • Read all of this page before filling in your account request. There is a process for writing an account request that is mandatory.

Scratch Wiki Account Requirements

In order to be a contributor, the following MUST be true:

You must have a Scratch account.
  • Your account must be older than two months (not one month and four weeks) and not have New Scratcher Status.
  • Your account can't be for an alternate Wiki account.
  • You must be active on the main site.
  • Your profile comments must be open if you want to be notified when your request is handled (otherwise you must periodically check the status yourself)
You must not carry issues relating to you on Scratch into the Wiki.
  • Your request must not be an attempt to bypass a ban.
  • You must have no inappropriate content posted.

What to Write in the "Request Notes"

Are you confused? Click "Expand" to the right for help.

Getting an account on the Scratch Wiki requires more than just meeting the requirements listed above. We want to make sure that Wiki members are capable of meeting the editing requirements and have a good understanding of how to be a good contributor prior to accepting them. This is why the page where you request an account (which is not the page you are on right now but rather is this one) has a box called "Request Notes".

Request Notes.png

This tells you exactly how to fill out the request notes. They are not optional, they are required. Please use proper spelling and grammar in the request notes.

A fake article containing various flaws can be found here. The article has many mistakes.

Part 1

Inside the request notes, you must point out a flaw from the article from three different categories (for a total of three flaws). The categories are below:

Spelling/Grammar errors
Incorrect information
Capitalization errors in titles
Information not related to Scratch
Advertising users and their projects
Personal opinions
Use of first person
Use of second person
Red links
Unreferenced claims
Unnecessary text styling

How you decide to point them out is up to you. As long as you make it clear that you have noticed three particular mistakes in the "Flawed Article", you're good!

When pointing out a flaw, you must point out the text where the flaw applies, not just the category (i.e. saying "there is a spelling error" is not sufficient, while saying "Scrtch is spelled wrong, it should be Scratch" is sufficient). Include the word "ladder" at the end of your request notes so we know you actually read this pretty box.

Part 2

Noticing mistakes is the first part of being a great Wiki editor, but being able to add content onto existing articles is important. Make a recommendation for something to add (not change or remove but add) to the flawed article from two different categories (for a total of two recommendations). The categories are below:

Images to add
References to add
Links to add
Sections to add
Other info to add

Tips to consider on your request notes

  • Don't be scared. Relax, we want to accept your request. The request notes is a way to express your interest in joining as a contributor. The Wiki is supposed to be a fun place, so have fun!
  • Stay on topic. Please only make your request notes about the "Flawed Article".
  • We will read your request carefully. Don't worry about repeating or emphasizing something so we see it.
  • We process all accounts the same way. We make sure everyone's application (this includes teacher accounts) is fairly processed.
  • Remember that you are joining the Wiki. Please use complete sentences with proper English spelling and grammar in your request notes.
  • You can look at the admin guide to see exactly how account requests are handled. This isn't mandatory, but may help with your acceptance.
  • You can also look at some sample request notes for examples of what we are and aren't looking for.
  • Don't copy the sample request notes! The sample request notes were not based on the same flawed article and so do not correctly answer the questions above!

All ready to go?

Did you make sure to read the "What to Write in the 'Request Notes'" section above? If you have done so, go ahead!

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