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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of User:Millie S. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.

Hi, my real name is Chris P. Bacon, and I am the CEO of Shamshung. You will be banned if you mispronounce "Shamshung." I live in a cave. I have a pet snake named John.


echo strrepeat("Z", 10000);

Scripts I Like

when I am born::events hat
    pet [John v]::motion
when something seems suspicious::events hat
for each [people v] as (person::grey){
    if <(person::grey) mispronounces [Shamshung]::sensing> then
        ban (person::grey)::motion
when I am [triggered v]::events hat//worm virus
    create new file called [hehehe.txt] in [/users/eeeeeeeeee/desktop/]::#003f7f stack
amount of money in [Chris P. Bacon v]'s bank account::sensing reporter//used to report 1.45 because i got bankrupt
obsolete (obsolete (obsolete::reporter)::reporter)::reporter
(if <(obsolete::red)::operators> then{}::control stack)::events hat
    summon [magical v] bandage::control

Scripts that ruin your life

forever//bans you
mispronounce [Shamshung]::sound
shout [Triggered] at (1000) decibals::sound//damages your body

My Circle Collection

::reporter #003f7f
::reporter #0054aa
::reporter #006ad4
::reporter #007fff
((((::7f7f7f reporter)::7f7f7f reporter)::7f7f7f reporter))::7f7f7f reporter