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Everything, for everyone.

Newgrounds[2], 1995

Hello. I am 8bitjake.[citation needed][3] [citation needed][4]
I'm a game dev[citation needed][5] and animator. I make games.
Oh yeah, I probably forgot to mention I mod Friday Night Funkin'[2][6] as well.


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Scratch Emojis are a feature which allows one to comment an emoji on a studio, project, or profile. Emojis cannot be used in project descriptions. To create an emoji, one must type in the keyword for the desired emoji.



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  1. How would you even do that?
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  3. Scratch Team, please stop putting the {{Citation needed}} template on userpages, it's really annoying.[citation needed][1]
  4. OH COME ON!!!
  5. ...Please stop.
  6. Yes, that is the correct spelling and punctuation.
  7. You can use this in your userpage, too! Just add {{User:8bitjake/Handy Link Collection}} to your userpage!
  8. Put {{User:8bitjake/Scratch Wiki Box}} in your userpage to use this!