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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Truth Table. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
The "truth table"

The truth table is a table. Specifically, it tells the truth about what exists in cavities. The truth is that all of the chemical elements exist in cavities (But some don't exist in cavities all the time that we know of), and so the truth table is the periodic table.

It includes:


Note Note: If you are an anime character, you can watch this video.

Hydrogen the First

Helium the Second

Lithium the Third

Beryllium the Fourth

Boron the Fifth

Carbon the Sixth

Nitrogen the Seventh

Oxygen the Eighth

Fluorine the Ninth

Neon the Tenth

Sodium the Eleventh

Magnesium the Twelfth

Aluminium the Thirteenth

Silicon the Fourteenth some Tecna

Phosphorus the Fifteenth

Sulfur the Sixteenth

Chlorine the Seventeenth

Argon the Eighteenth

Potassium the Nineteenth

Calcium the Twentieth

Scandium the Twenty-first

Titanium the Twenty second

Vanadium the Twenty-third

Chromium the Twenty-fourth

Manganese the Twenty-fifth

Iron the Twenty-sixth

Cobalt the Twenty-seventh

Nickel the Twenty-eighth

Copper the Twenty-ninth

Zinc the Thirtieth

Gallium the Thirty-first

Germanium the Thirty-second

Arsenic the Thirty-third

Selenium the Thirty-fourth

Bromine the Thirty-fifth

Krypton the Thirty-sixth Thing that's Totally from Superman

Rubidium the Thirty-seventh

Strontium the Thirty-eight

Yttrium the Thirty-ninth

Zirconium the Fortieth

Niobium the Forty-first

Molybdenum the Forty-second

Technetium the Forty-third Thing that's Radioactive lots of Tecna

Ruthenium the Forty-fourth

Rhodium the Forty-fifth

Palladium the Forty-sixth

Silver the Forty-seventh Thing that is a hedgehog an ELEMENT

Cadmium the Forty-eight

Indium the Forty-ninth

Tin the Fiftieth

Antimony the Fifty-first

Tellurium the Fifty-second

Iodine the Fifty-third

Xenon the Fifty-fouth

Cesium the Fifty-fifth even more Tecna

Barium the Fifty-sixth

Lanthanum the Fifty-seventh one of the best

Cerium the Fifty-eighth

Praseodymium the Fifty-ninth

Neodymium the Sixtieth Thing used in magnets

Promethium the Sixty-first

Samarium the Sixty-second

Europium the Sixty-third

Gadolinium the Sixty-fourth

Terbium the Sixty-fifth

Dysprosium the Sixty-sixth

Holmium the Sixty-seventh

Erbium the Sixty-eighth

Thulium™ the Sixty-ninth

Ytterbium the Seventy

Lutetium the Seventy-first

Hafnium the Seventy-second

Tantalum the Seventy-third

Tungsten the Seventy-fourth

Rhenium the Seventy-fifth

Osmium the Seventy-sixth

Iridium the Seventy-seventh

Platinum the Seventy-eighth

Gold the Seventy-ninth (one better than platinum)

Mercury the Eightieth (two worse than platinum)

Thallium the Eighty-first Poison of the Table

Lead the Eighty-second Poison

Bismuth the Eighty-third

Polonium the Eighty-fourth

Astatine the Eighty-fifth

Radon the Eighty-sixth

Francium the Eighty-seventh

Radium the Eighty-eighth

Actinium the Eighty-ninth

Thorium the Ninetieth

Protactinium the Ninety-first

Uranium the Ninety-second Explosive

Neptunium the Ninety-third Explosive

Plutonium the Ninety-fourth Explosive

Americium the Ninety-fifth

Curium the Ninety-sixth

Berkelium the Ninety-seventh

Californium the Ninety-eighth

Einsteinium the Ninety-ninth

Fermium the One Hundredth

Mendelevium the One Hundredth first

Nobelium the One Hundredth second

Lawrencium the One Hundredth third

Rutherfordium the One Hundredth fourth

Dubnium the One Hundredth fifth

Seaborgium the One Hundredth sixth

Bohrium the One Hundredth seventh

Hassium the One Hundredth eighth

Meitnerium the One Hundredth ninth

Darmstadtium the One Hundredth tenth

Roentgenium the One Hundredth eleventh

Copernicium the One Hundredth twelfth

Nihonium the One Hundred and... oh forget it.

Flerovium the One Hundred fourteenth

Moscovium the One Hundred fifteenth

Livermorium the One Hundred sixteenth

Tennessine the One Hundred seventeenth

Oganesson the One Hundred and Eighteenth Deadly Thing.

iPad the Zeroth

And that is what is on the table. Test tomorrow.