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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Toggle LED () (block). Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
Toggle LED ()
toggle LED (0 v) :: extension
Category Raspberry Pi Simple Electronics
Type no
Introduced in 3435.0

The Toggle LED () block was introduced in 3435.0. The block has a dropdown input in which you can input a number from 0 to 27. When run, it turns the Raspberry Pi, which is an evil raspberry pie that's Scratch Team's sidekick, into a LED lightbulb. When run again, the LED light bulb will not turn back in to a Raspberry Pi, but will get brighter and brighter until the LED bulb explodes and catches on fire[1], or starts a Flame War[2]


The resulting lightbulb is on by default and is powered by the Scratch Team's energy units. Depending on what number is inputted, the LED lightbulb will be one of 27 different colors. These colors are:

  1. Carrot[3]
  2. Cyan
  3. Teal
  4. Aquamarine[4]
  5. Blue-Green
  6. Apricot[5]
  7. Abricot[6]
  8. Purple with yellow polka dots
  9. Amaranth
  10. Robin Egg Blue
  11. Coquelicot
  12. Gambodge
  13. Electric blue
  14. Kumquat[7]
  15. Puke[8]
  16. Banana[9]
  17. Bananana[9]
  18. Banananana[9]
  19. Persimmon
  20. Orange[10]
  21. 0range[11]
  22. Red-Orange[12]
  23. Orange-Red[13]
  24. Hot Pink
  25. Hot Purple
  26. Cold Blue[14][15]
  27. Room Temperature Green


The Scratch Team has tried to remove this block approximately 12.962 times to conserve energy units, but when they try, the block turns their computers into LED lightbulbs.[16]


  1. Only one person has survived to tell the tale[who?]
  2. The ST likes flame wars
  3. Also known as Cat Fur
  4. Gobo likes this color best of all because, as everyone knows, Gobo is a fish
  5. Not to be confused with Abricot
  6. Not to be confused with Apricot
  7. The Scratch Team also wants to remove this block for having this as an option
  8. The fine woolen cloth
  9. a b c Caution: Each additional Na makes the explosion a bit larger
  10. Not to be confused with 0range
  11. Not to be confused with Orange
  12. Not to be confused with Orange-Red
  13. Not to be confused with Red-Orange
  14. Also makes the lightbulb cool to the touch
  15. Precisely, -124 °F (I'm too lazy to turn it into Celsius)
  16. The raspberry pie has betrayed the Scratch Team in this way and the Scratch Team tried to ban the pie, but failed
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