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Scratch Cat dancing

The Stage is a floor where Scratchers, Scratch Cat, Gobo, and others dance. The Stage is located at the MIT Media Lab, and is only used during the Scratch Day events. Using the stage otherwise will cause you to get scratched by Scratch Cat.


The Stage was first created in 2009 when Scratch 1.4 was released. Originally, the stage was to be used to dance strangely upon, but no one wanted to dance that way. It then became a dance floor where you can dance however you want. It has not been changed one bit since then, and thus is not very clean. It was constructed of wood, but termite problems have caused the wood to rot away. Many scratchers still like it, but many have avoided the Scratch Day event just because of the stage.


Different people use the stage differently. Usually, only the Scratch Cat, Gobo, Scratch Team and Mentors, SDS Curators and other important people dance, because regular scratchers tend to avoid it. Some dances are below:

  • The Reverse Chicken Dance
  • The Blind Kitty Singular Waltz
  • Curator's Duet
  • Scratched Polka
  • Giga's Missing Hat
  • Twister Tetrad
  • Funky Block
  • The Charleston Game Tree
  • Help! I'm Drowning! (usually done with this music playing)
  • The Do Nothing Dance
  • The Weed Whacker
  • KaBlam! Theme Song[1]
  • Dance to Death

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  1. If you know how to do it, tell me!