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Set Rotation Style ()
set rotation style to ()::#abcdef
Category weird move thingies? idk
Type Generic
Introduced in 2.0

The Set Rotation Style () block is a block that appears in every Scratch version from 2.0 to the latest release, 4091.7e+3.12i_fc76. It can change the way a sprite rotates, and there are many different options:

  • All around
  • Left-right
  • Don't rotate
  • All around (flipped)
  • Ξ-Dimensional
  • 47
  • I'm Feeling Lucky
  • Lowercase
  • Not a Potato
  • Not a Piano
  • JUMANJI!!!!!

Many of these options were eaten by evil kumquats on April 2nd, 201Y.5, but were almost immediately restored by the Scratch Team, to prevent all of the Scratchers from panicking over the thought of an evil kumquat invasion, and to scare the evil kumquats away. In fact, they did it so quickly, that it took around 7% of their energy units to do so, delaying their takeover of the world by a few months.


This block is most logically used at the start of a project, right before a Point in Direction () block, in scripts without a hat block, or as a single block that is clicked on once and then dragged right back into the block palette. In the latter case, it is sent back into the Scratch inner systems, and then transported to another project to be re-used, unless it gets broken during the transportation, in which case it gets transported to the Scratch Lab to be repaired. If it is damaged beyond repair, the most common event is it is dismantled and the individual pieces (the casing, the code itself, the activator studs, etc.) are recycled. In rare cases, a block will be stolen by a banned Scratcher who doesn't have access to the block palette, but this block is among the least common to be stolen. Though sometimes, the Scratch Team will pelt the block at the banned scratchers.

However, since logic is sparse in this universe, the most common way people use this block is throwing it into the stratosphere and waiting for it to turn the planet into a donut, and they're always surprised when it never happens. I'm looking at you, Terrence.

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