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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Scratchtober. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
A user dressing up as a Taco for Scratch or Treating

Scratchtober is a month that was taken over by Scratch. The original month was called October, but the Scratch Team hacked into the source code of the universe and replaced the month[1].

Stuff that takes place in Scratchtober

Scratchoween[2] takes place on the 31st of Scratchtober. On Scratchoween you can go Scratch or treating,[3] where people dress up as Scratch sprites and ask for their deepest secrets.[4] Some people also celebrate Q without U day[5], which is one the 23rd.

Scratch or Treating

Sometimes, on Scratchtober, it is rumored that ScratchCat goes Scratch or Treating on Scratchtober 31 dressed up as kaj.

There are way too many holidays in Scratchtober, so we didn't put them all here.

The Protesting

Some users protest that the month has to should be changed back to October. All the people who protest this month will get banned by Scratch Team, or will have their signatures eaten by an evil kumquat.


  1. They got yeeted out afterwards after attempting to implement automatic banning of anything not on Scratch.
  2. It was called Halloween before Scratch took over October
  3. Called Trick or Treating before, you know what
  4. To be sent to the Scratch Team.
  5. It celebrates when the first word with Q without the U next to it was made.(The word is Qall)
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