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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Scratch on Mobile Devices. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.

Scratch is extremely incompatible with any mobile device, as they make them crash and most built-in antiviruses on them block it[1].

The Scratch Team wants to destroy every single mobile device in the world due to the reasons above, and they want everyone in the world to use Scratch at least 24 hours a day non-stop[2]. To do that, they install spyware that uses webcams on PCs and Macs that go on Scratch, that scans the area around them for mobile devices. They start a Flame War (then win it) against anyone the spyware detects using a mobile device[3].

The Quadrilyon Flame War

In February 2019, The Scratch Team discovered that Quadrilyon, a technology company, was making services to mobile users. The Scratch Team were furious. They went to California, lighted a match, and set a bush near it's headquarters on fire, starting the Quadrilyon Flame War.

Attack on Titan Youtube

Scratch is also targetting Youtube for pandering to mobile users. Last January they completely removed Annotations, which ruined a lot of Youtube's videos.
Their reasons?

  • They were "outdated" (Their fault!)
  • They didn't work on mobile (Also their fault!)[1]
  • End Screens and Cards existed soo... (ಠ_ಠ)

Youtube removing something completely just so that they can use something else that they actually made to work on multiple devices even though keeping said something on the original device that it was meant for was actually a completely acceptable option is proof Scratch should not be compatible with any mobile device. In fact, they're plotting to steal Google Youtube's energy units so that they can self-implode on themselves and a splode so that Scratch can take over them and add Annotations back for everyone that wanted to try them AND update Annotations at the same time! :)

References and Notes

  1. a b That is another reason why they hate mobile devices
  2. Except during Flame Wars.
  3. They also try to destroy factories of mobile devices.