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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Scratch Wiki Home. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
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You are useless. Get a life.

– Everyone mentioned here

TrollCat.pngTEH WIKI OF CRAZZY AWSOMENESS!!!! OMGGGGG!!!!! ITS 2 EPIC 4 WERDS!!!!Turkey3TrollGobo.png
Made by Kaj, for a random bunch of Nobodies
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Scratch News
February 14th, 45325 — Scratch Homework added
Scratch Kaj has now added homework to the website. If you do not give us Kaj 50,000 energy units in one week, you will be BANNED
February 30th, 4321 — Sixty Second Rule Abolished
The sixty-second rule has been abolished, an update to the forums many Scratchers have been waiting for up to 100 years. To celebrate, the Scratch Team have taken the 120 second rule down to only 12 seconds. To ensure that the small large group of Scratchers who appreciated the rule do not miss it, a new rule has been added in, the infinity second rule, which will be removed in approximately infinity years. The latter only applies to Scratchers. Wait, why did I type this all out?
March 32, 2016 — The Internet will be closed on Fridays
Effective immediately, the Wiki, along with the rest of the Internet, will now be closed on Fridays because everyone in the world will be too busy eating waffles to even turn on their computers. It will still be open 24/6. We understand that this will prevent you from showing people your 1,000 contribs at upcoming Friday school dances. Those dances are supposed to end the world, anyway, and the logo has invisible strawberry straps, which are banned at the dance end of world thing. We apologize for the inconvenience.
March 32, 2017 — Kaj as Scratch Curator
Kaj has been chosen as the five-trillion-five-hundred-sixty-nine-billion-four-hundred-thirty-seven... 5,569,437,108,142th curator on the Front Page. Feel free to congratulate Kaj on their profile!
March 31, 2019 — Two Scratch Servers Removed
Prior to retiring, the Scratch Team wanted to leave a good ego by conserving electricity. To do so, they completely unplugged two of their servers. To assure that no one ever plugs them in again for environmental reasons, they dumped them into the Atlantic Ocean and killed millions of poor whales :( Err....
December 99, 20XX — New Cutie Honey video game
Griffpatch has released his long-awaited sequel to ScratchNapped: "Cutie Honey and the Kidnapper of the 78th Century." In that game, Cutie Honey must work to destroy the forces of Scratch by depriving them of their energy units. Why the Scratch Team allowed this game, I don't know. Who is Cutie Honey, anyway?!
March 32, 2089 — Scratch Team Retired
The Scratch Team has retired and given the duty of continuing the program's development to Kaj.
March 28, 2095 — Traces of Scratch Creator
Scientists in Antarctica have found strange footprints and think they are the creator of Scratch's. He fled to Antarctica years ago and is now unheard of.
March 3000, 9999 — Scratch Application Released
The long-desired Scratch app was finally released. The app features a colorful blue link to the main website, acting as a shortcut for mobile browsers.

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Scratch Cat is a second grader who goes to ScratchEd and loves scratching people who move them from the center or create their own Scratch Day event. His mother was the anonymous founder of Scratch and his father was mres, who is in the Scratch Team. Read more...

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The Scratch Wiki
The Scratch Wiki is a content-free, collaboratively-trolled wiki, that provides misinformation about the Scratch programming language and its website and history. The Scratch Wiki is a popular source for April Fools' humor, and it continues to grow as Scratchers use it as their "primary" "source" of fake "information" and spread viruses onto it.


An' avast, for Pirate-speakers, there's a wiki available at Pirated Scratch Wiki. It steals booty and precious articles from the Scratch Wiki.