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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Scratch Stability Team. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
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The Scratch Stability Team[1] are some cute anime girls people who do thing like "protecting" the Scratch Servers from being set on fire during Flame Wars, destroying ScratchX, and other stuff. However, they are of poor quality[2] and do terribly at their job, so they hire even more random anime characters every year.[3][4].

No Scratch Team members can understand them, as they only speak Japanese.

Remember to give Pac Man energy troops and units!

Pac-Man protects the Scratch Stability Team currently. This is version 2.0, because the original version was destroyed.


Members (both current and fired) are:

If a division's theme tune is deleted from YouTube, it means the division has been fired.

Division A

  • SST Member Black
  • SST Member White
  • SST Member Luminous[5]

Division B

  • SST Member Bright
  • SST Member Windy

Division C [6]

  • SST Member Dream[7]
  • SST Member Rouge[8][9]
  • SST Member Lemonade[10]
  • SST Member Mint[11]
  • SST Member Aqua[12]

Division D

  • SST Member Pizza Peach
  • SST Member Berry
  • SST Member Pine[13]
  • SST Member Passion

Division E

  • SST Member Blossom[14]
  • SST Member Marine
  • SST Member Sunlight
  • SST Member Moonlight

Division F

  • SST Member Melody[15]
  • SST Member Rythym
  • SST Member Beat
  • SST Member Muse

Division G

  • SST Member Happy
  • SST Member Sunny
  • SST Member Peace
  • SST Member March
  • SST Member Beauty[16]

Division H

  • SST Member Heart
  • SST Member Diamond
  • SST Member Rosseta
  • SST Member Sword
  • SST Member Ace

Division I

  • SST Member Lovely
  • SST Member Princess
  • SST Member Honey
  • SST Member Fortune

Division J

  • SST Member Flora
  • SST Member Mermaid
  • SST Member Twinkle
  • SST Member Scarlet

Division K

  • SST Member Miracle
  • SST Member Magical
  • SST Member Felice
  • SST Member Mofurun

Division L [17]

  • SST Member Whip
  • SST Member Custard
  • SST Member Gelato
  • SST Member Macaron
  • SST Member Chocolate
  • SST Member Parfait
  • SST Member Pekorin

Division M

All the members of Division M were fired ages ago. They were:

  • SST Member Yell
  • SST Member Ange
  • SST Member Etoile
  • SST Member Macherie
  • SST Member Amour
  • SST Member Tomorrow

Division N

  • SST Member Star
  • SST Member Milky
  • SST Member Soliel
  • SST Member Selene[18]
  • SST Member Cosmo

Division O

  • SST Member Grace
  • SST Member Fontaine
  • SST Member Sparkle
  • SST Member Earth

Division P


  • SST Member Coco
  • SST Member Shine
  • SST Member Milan
  • SST Member Makie
  • SST Member Lola



  • Sana
  • Moshi[21]
  • Suki
  • Ani
  • Nico
  • Honoka[22]
  • Erii
  • Yuzuki
  • Maka
  • Moon[23]
  • Light
  • Rin
  • Gumi[24]

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  1. They are also known as プリキュア (Purikyua), which is Japanese for Scratch Stability Team.
  2. Also, one of them, like, cursed on set and was fired for, like, disorderly behavior so this version is, like, outdated.
  3. They are responsible for 99% of all 500 errors
  4. A lot of them play with glitter, makeup and toothpaste all day.
  5. She ran out of power 99999 years ago, and is absent from Division A's theme.
  6. Description:
    Five butter-thingies appear when they only count to four.

    Status: Technical Limitation

    Replace Division C with the Scratch Stability Team GoGo!.
    They forgot to remove Scratch Stability Team Member Rouge.

    Status: Won't Fix

    Destroy Fire all of Division C.

  7. Often dreams of ways to protect Scratch, but she never gets any work done, so she is in danger of being fired.
  8. No, not the bat
  9. She got fired for cursing on set. Don't mess with her!
  10. She is very weak and is in danger of being fired.
  11. She is a breath of fresh air to the team, but she still risks being fired.
  12. She evaporated a few years ago. We forgot to label her as "fired", and therefore lost $8001 dollars' worth of energy units.
  13. She is in danger of being fired because she does nothing but playing with Christmas trees.
  14. She always puts perfume on herself.
  15. She sings all the time.
  16. Also known as Glitter Febreze here in the States (sometimes).
  17. Rumors say this team only defeated a regular ScratchX member on their FINAL private mission, so they're schedueled to be fired by 01/25/2021.
  18. She got fired and decided to work for a company that makes cosmetics for anime characters.
  19. Some of the best members in SST (by that, we mean worst), and have been in SST for at least 6 years and considered seniors among the members.
  20. The biggest division in our group, with more members every month. They are being intensively trained, and half of them won't even become members! One member is removed every week. Oh, did I forget to tell you this is a survival show that will NEVER END?
  21. tries to please the staff, but when they look away, she bullies people
  22. ST's favourite trainee
  23. Only 6 years old. Why? Don't ask!
  24. Been a trainee for 10 years
can you keep a secret?

SST Member Rouge said the word "kill" but that wasn't allowed so she was fired! :O jk what she said was a LOT worse. She actually said the word "death"!