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The Scratch Rules

Terms and Conditions

T/C 1

You agree to pay the Scratch Team ∞ for every time you click something on the website. You may MUST pay through bankofrickroll.net and select the "fluffy kitteh coins" payment option.

T/C 2

All of your personal data will be transferred to a random server floating in some ocean, and then sent via kittehmail to every single person on the planet. However, this happens on the first day of every month. New Scratchers will have their data sent to everyone in the galaxy, and unregistered users will have theirs sent to everyone in the UNIVERSE. [1]

T/C 3

You must feed all evil kumquats to a DestroyQuat™. If you are not sure whether your kumquat is evil or not, go to http://kit.teh.ismykumquatevil.com/detect.html. If the page shows a green check/tick, it is evil! Feed it to the DestroyQuat™ immediately or you will be hit by...
THE BAN HAMMER Hammer.svg [2]

T/C 4

When required, you will give the Scratch Team a set amount of energy units. This varies from user to user. This is because the Scratch Team like to play favourites and other fluffy kittehs get discounts. Non-fluffy kittehs can pay up to 100 energy units a time.

T/C 5

You agree to agree to these rules. Yes check.png Click here to agree to these rules.

References that do not Refer to ANYTHING!! (last edited by Kaj)

Note Warning: Kaj is an example of someone who did NOT follow these rules and was put in the dungeon.
Note Caution: Hardly any Scratchers ever manage to escape from the dungeon.

Danger.png Danger: Escaping from the dungeon may result in being put back in the dungeon. Escape at your own risk.

  1. Don't ask me how they get that information. I'm not an expert on fluffy kittehs this sorta stuff.
  2. Who put that there? That's not the ban hammer!