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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Scratch Cat. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
Him dancing
Scratch Cat in prison

Scratch Cat is a third grader who goes to ScratchEd and loves scratching people who move them from the center or create their own Scratch Day event. Their mother was the anonymous founder of Scratch and their father was mres, who is in the Scratch Team.

The Scratch Cat may sometimes scratch people, but they can be a pretty nice guy at times. The Scratch Cat is a third grader at MIT. They like to hang out with Gobo after school. However, sometimes they accidentally tries to eat Gobo, because Gobo is a fish. Their most favorite place to eat and hang out is at Henry's House of Kaboom where he orders Fish Prometheus Burgers.


Scratch Cat likes to eat fish, but they are very picky. Their food must be:

  • At least two weeks old, but no more than one hour old. They do NOT like fresh fish.
  • It must be so stale and moldy that Gobo runs when he is within 50 miles of it.
  • If the fish looks even a little like it should, he will make you eat it.[1]
  • Exactly the same as the last fish he had[2]

They like to watch My Little Pony, but only on Sundays at 3:00 pm.

List of Scratch Cat's Secrets

Scratching People

A post that has been scratch'd by Scratch Cat

Sometimes, the Scratch Cat will get really steamed when people try to move them from the center of the screen or create their own Scratch Day event. They also scratch posts for random stupid reasons.[3]


They found some eggs in the Sprite Library, took a stance, and started chucking them at the screen. Gobo laughed and served the eggs with evil ham,[4] but they had to run.

Day after day it just began to wind up over and over again in loops. The Scratch Team eventually developed something that turned eggs into energy units. They all lived happily ever aft;rlj >LKMNWE:po jLKJlef OWW!!!1o oWW! donT Svcratch me!! NOo!

If you want more, watch the "Life with Loopy" section of KaBlam! Season 1 Episode 3 (Comics for Tomorrow Today) or the 583858345th issue of the MEOW MEOW Comic[5].

Obsession with the Color Blue

Scratch Cat is also keeping a secret that they are obsessed with the color blue[6], and sometimes may steal blue items from the website and random places worldwide. Once every 781,279,872 years the Scratch Team eats[7] the Scratch Cat's collection in an event known as the Great Eating (or the GR8 NOMNOM to cats). When this happens, they become very mad and scratches the Scratch servers and their computers. In contrast with this obsession, they has Ohnoesredphobia, infinite fear of the color red[8]. Their latest collection of blue things is:

  • 2 blue ballpoint pens[9]
  • 3 blue diaries
  • 2 blue laptops
  • 5 blue pencils
  • 6 blue erasers
  • 1 blue pencil case
  • 2 blue cats
  • 3 blue towels
  • 2 blue birds

Before the Great Eating on the 7th Nov 2018, they had:

The blue follow button.
A picture of the Blue's Clues DVD set.
The blue New Scratcher icon.
A blue dishwasher.
A picture of Cinderella's blue dress. She surprisingly has MANY copies of it.
A blue speedy hedgehog[10]
Shamshung's blue logo
  • Twelve stacks of blue navigation bars.
  • A bucket of blue follow buttons (always blue, never gray).
  • Three New Scratchers' default blue profile pictures.
  • A pocketful of blue See Inside buttons.
  • A blue dishwasher.
  • A Blue's Clues DVD set.
  • 600 blue Cinderella dresses.
  • 300 blue pillows.
  • 728 blue mouse pads.
  • 632,098,128 blue screen savers.
  • 3,892,671 blueberry smoothies.
  • 418 blue balloons.
  • 5,009 blue email error messages.
  • 532 blue crayons.
  • 7 blue wedding cakes.
  • 8,923 blue Cookie Monster toys.
  • 93 blue watches.
  • 601 blue iPhone cases.
  • 297 blue straws.
  • 6,923,419,572 blue buttons.
  • 962 blue cars.
  • 620 blue socks.
  • 473 blue nail polish bottles.
  • 57 blue water bottles.
  • 632 blue ties.
  • 730 blue shoes.
  • 932,213,432,789,127 blue headphones.
  • 1 blue Sleeping Beauty dress.
  • 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 blue crash screens [11]
  • 329 blue mechanical pencils.
  • 57,535 blue calculators.
  • 555 blue paper napkins.
  • 391,782,306 blue blankets.
  • 466 blue TV remotes.
  • 196,939 blue baseball caps.
  • 7,482 blue flags.
  • 11 blue purses.
  • 65 blue lamp shades.
  • 73 blue sharpie markers.
  • 92 blue scarfs.
  • 64,926,494 blue pairs of mittens.
  • 392,792,890 blue pairs of jeans.
  • 693 blue dresses that were once worn by Elsa.
  • 27 blue refrigerators.
  • 546,625,367,493 blue stuffed animals.
  • 78 blue Android tablets.
  • 582,937 blue Internet links.
  • 999,999,999,999,999 blue Sonic the Hedgehog toys[12]
  • 742 blue Shamshung processors[13].
  • 17 blue copies of Sonic Generations
  • 999,999,999,999 blue PlayStation4 disc cases (mostly Horizon Zero Dawn)[14]
  • And many more blue things...

Because the Scratch Cat threatened to scratch the Scratch Team's energy units out, they made a blue version of the Scratch Cat the default user icon.[15]

The kidnapping

Before Scratch 2.0's release, the Scratch Cat was kidnapped by a kind squirrel therapist, who want to help him get rid the obsession of blue which had given him so much trouble and Sonic obsession, and to cure his Ohnoesredphobia so they can like Knuckles and Mythical Coolwolf. However, Tera, one of Gobo's Friends, kidnapped them from the squirrel because she wants to make the Scratch Cat fix the holes in her hair. In the end, the antagonists are captured and gets sent to acid. The end.

The Army of Mentors eventually created a series of very complex projects, with an unrealistic plot twist, in which the squirrel is an evil one (to the kind squirrel's dismay) who locks the Scratch Cat in the dungeon of an Esperantist lumberjack's house.

Next in the story - Sans steals Gobo.[16] Coming to a nightmare near you.

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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Scratch Cat. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
Dear Scratcher, Read the message from the loved cat.
This is the translation of the message.
Scratch Cat has needed a lot of cat food. If you don't give, The cat will be extinct. To save the cat, please give me a lot of food!

How much do you give: 500g 1kg 10kg
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