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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Scratch Camp: Try Something New. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
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Some random Scratch Camp logo. Not this camp's logo.
Some announcement in the Scratch News, posted on August 2nd, 2001.

Scratch Camp 2021 was the Scratch Camp of 2001. It was not hosted by the Scratch Team, and was the first ever Scratch Camp, 2 years before Scratch started development. It began in December 20, 2001 and had a theme of Stick With Something Old, which was guaranteed to extract lots of energy units.

Scratch Camp 2021's 20th anniversary was announced early on the Front Page on June 6th, 2021.[1] A teaser project was shared in 2001 and in 2013 a headquarters studio was created to contain users' remixes of the teaser project. It has been advertised now. In 2021. Scratch Camp 2021 was advertised. Fitting, isn't it?

The Camp Counselors

The camp had 18 counselors to answer my questions, add my projects to camp studios, and generally help me out with the camp.

Unfortunately, the Scratch Team ate the list.

Don't See Also, You'll Go Blind

Nothing Here, Don't Look, Spoilers, Man!!!

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