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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Scratch 3.0. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
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The future of Scratch, sort of

Scratch 3.0 has three eyes,[1] because it's from space. It came to Earth to destroy mankind and take over the world. However it has only succeeded in becoming a programming language for ages 8 to 16.

Scratch 3.0 is very fast because it had to go to the Scratch Website by January 2019. 3.0 ran along a GitHub server, and got tired easily, so it drank some DHMO[2], a chemical that turns things blue has a high hydrogen count. As a result of drinking it, a lot of buttons and the UI became blue, as the Hydrogen in it turns stuff blue.[3]


Scratch 3.0's exact history is unknown, but people have created several theories for how Scratch 3.0 came to be.

Theory 1

Scratch 3.0 was discovered in a cave, over one million years ago. The cavemen didn't know how to use it, so it was kept in a secret lab. It was studied by scientists and kept from the outside world until 1578, when it escaped and destroyed the dinosaurs. Its power couldn't be contained, so they decided to destroy Scratch 3.0 to save the world. That's when they discovered that it wasn't Scratch 3.0, it was a slice of toast. Scratch 3.0 came down to earth and ate the toast. It hid in a cave until 2016.

In 2016, it came out of the cave and invaded MIT. It accidentaly became an upcoming programming language for kids, which the Scratch Team, Scratch Cat, Gobo and his friends work on.

Later research has proven that this was actually the Scratch Team's long lost pet, Scratch 1.4, who was left behind after ST fell in love with a new pet called Scratch 2.0. 1.4, who was furious about how 2.0 stole ST from him, decided to disguise as a new version of Scratch that was made in HTML5. However, since everybody loved Flash more, he also had to break into Adobe headquarters and force them into making Flash obsolete. After finally getting rid of Scratch 2.0 and getting back his love, 1.4 renamed himself to 3.0 to make sure nobody would notice, and is currently living in the ST's house again.

Theory 2

One day, on July 31, 2018, The Scratch team decided to perform a fusion between Scratch 1.4 and Scratch 2.0. The fusion process would take several months, but would eventually be complete on January 2nd, 2019. In order to perform the fusion, Scratch 1.4 had to downgrade back to Scratch 1.0, or else the fusion process would eventually destroy the Scratch servers. Scratch 2.0 kept the new features. Those Scratch versions were dumped onto Github in order to begin. When the fusion process started, a beta form of their fusion was available for people to see. However, the beta form was very unstable[4], so people usually stayed away from it, and regularly used what was left of Scratch 2.0 instead. As time went on the fusion became more and more complete, until eventually, Scratch 3.0 was complete. The completion of the fusion process brought Scratch's servers to a temporary close, as an explosion as a result of the fusion toasted their servers. When the servers came back online, Scratch 2.0 was nowhere to be found[5], and Scratch 3.0 took its place. Projects made in older versions either benefited from the changes or were broken because of them. However, there was no going back. Scratch 3.0 was born, and all must comply with it[6]

What's New

  • The Pen Blocks have become an extension, because it is more difficult to load it and what's more the Scratch Team were getting a bit tired of Scratch Cat, Gobo, and his friends all constantly getting ink all over their hands and faces and needing to be washed each time before they could appear in another project.[7]
  • The Music Blocks have similarly been relegated to an extension, because they were only used for longhaired gigs and stuff like that, which the Scratch Team doesn't dig.[8]
  • The Stage has become very wrinkly.
  • The Stage is now on the right again because it felt like it.
  • The blocks are now fat, because they now eat so many pizza costumes.
  • Pico sat on the block category section and squished them into the side.
  • The colors of the "Events" blocks and the "Control" blocks were swapped because of an event that started to control them, which forced them into swapping.
  • Gobo's friends created a variable called "My variable" and renamed "More blocks" to "My blocks" because they were greedy.
  • There is a paws button formed by the Scratch Cat's paw print.
  • This version of Scratch can extract 3 times as many energy units per project than 2.0, because JavaScript.
  • This version is more cat-friendly but more human un-friendly[9], which is why the "Help" feature was removed – it displayed help as written text, but it could not display it in the Meow language, so the Scratch Team got rid of it.
  • Dynamite made a cave full of energy units explode, so it has been banned[10]
  • Scratch has been banned

What's Old

Picoboard/Nanoboard cash machines. :(

– Someone?! \_(0-0)_/

  • Everything excluding everything


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