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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Report. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
The report button is a feature used to notify the Scratch Team about a project, comment, post, or anything else is nice, does not give many energy units, made by someone who hates anime or reveals the Scratch Team's secret.


Projects should be reported if they are bad projects. Bad projects don't give the Scratch Team enough energy units, which is why you should report them. If it's a bad project, the Scratch Team will hit the person with the banhammer, for wasting server space and for not making complex projects.

When a project is reported, it will automatically be added to the Front Page.


Posts should be reported if they don't annoy you. If the post is deemed not report worthy, like very rude, will give the user a ban. Also report insanely nice posts, since the Scratch Team prefers rude content.


Comments should be reported if you believe they may be an offender of the famous waffle spam. Waffle spam is when a Scratcher creates a bunch of waffles in their comment, and then eats them. If the waffles are still untouched, you should eat the waffles (because they're nice) and still report the comment.


Studios should be reported if they uncover that the Scratch Team are in fact a group of warrior cats, because the Scratch Team doesn't want people to know their secret. The thumbnail should be reported if it includes pictures of fluffy kittens, because fluffy kittens are too cute for Scratch.


Users should be reported if they are a part of the Scratch Team, because everyone wants to see a Scratch Team member ban themselves. Please note this may be a bad idea, since you may be banned for false reporting

Users sometimes threaten to report others, however they do not know that those comments can be reported for disrespect. This action is called "SIKE".