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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Python. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
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A python is a giant snake which likes to swallow up innocent animals, including Scratch Cat and his friends.

They're on a run now.

The giant python likes reading text off your screen and doing what it says. Hey! Wait. What if it reads this page?

Stopping Python

class Python(Snake):
    # This is you python guy.
    def __init__(self):
            if alive:
            # That should do it! Unless...
        except (KeyboardInterrupt,SyntaxError):
            raise RuntimeError('Oopsies! Mr. Snake died mid-program! :)')
    def __str__(self):
        return __init__(self)

If you can't wait for the giant python to read this page, take this additional code:

me = Python("Python")

Name it main.py, copy it onto a USB stick and inject it into the python or just let it eat it.
It should suffer a SyntaxError and die mid-program! :)