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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Project Ideas (forum). Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
The Project Ideas forum is private, secure, cave on top of a mountain[1] where users can exchange really random ideas for good projects that gives the Scratch Team only little energy units or none at all. Ever since the Scratch Wiki told users the truth about Scratch Team and their evil plans this few years, many users had become aware of it and tried to produce projects with minimum energy units, or none at all. It is also known as the Scratch resistance stronghold.[2]


Scratch Team had not discovered the forum yet, or at least attack, as believed by most users. Some users, however, who is familiar with the Scratch Team's evil and found the peace suspicious and unbelievable, suggests that the Scratch Team sends spies into the forum[3][4] to ban all the users there and to destroy the cave.

Anyone who wishes to enter the cave must have the password. Here, let me give you the password so that everyone who deserves to enter can enter!!1!!1!one11!eleven!!:

The password is weapon waffles.


Here users organize strategies that will keep the Scratch Team from getting energy units and taking over the world. Most popular strategies include:[5]

  • Sleeping instead of making projects
  • Sleep soundly instead of making projects
  • Sleep not-so soundly instead of making projects
  • Sleep for 100 years and let someone kiss them instead of making projects
  • Sleep very very very soundly instead of making projects
  • Play existing projects
  • Go on other parts of the Internet

However, some still wants to make projects. They also have their own favorite strategies:[6]

  • Ban all "Events" blocks to keep the projects from running
  • Ban all "Hat" blocks to keep the projects from running
  • Dispose all scripts to keep the projects from running
  • Destroy the projects to keep them from running
  • Cover the Green Flag with mud to keep anyone from running them
  • "Embed" projects

Other activities include:

  • Making Scratch Modifications that don't extract energy units[7]
  • Cook super delicious pretzels that will make the Scratch Team forgot all their evil and only focus on eating the pretzels once they tasted them (failed so far because it makes everyone in the stronghold hungry)
  • Produce Blue Ice Cream to reduce pain of the Scratch Cat's scratches, which would be got by anyone who tried to move the Scratch Cat from the center of the screen.
  • Make the whole world blue and covering everything with blue things (such as Sonic, Mega Man, Frozen, Blue's Clues etc.) to satisfy Scratch Cat. This will cause Scratch Team to forget about extracting energy units.


  1. The intense..
  2. Here, Doom of the Hills' words are law.
  3. GLOCK!!
  4. Or is it Jinks?
  5. They said it isn't laziness. They said it's RESISTANCE.
  6. Yes you read that right
  7. The hamsters can't enter the cave!!!