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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Paint Editor. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
The Vector Editor
The Bitmap Editor

The paint editor in Scratch is a tool for drawing terrible graphics, and is good at stealing copyrighted and illegal material. It can draw in bitmap or vector, and it currently has three looks: "terrible" "even more terrible" and "OMG, THIS IS EVIL". It was designed to make the worst drawings ever.

I don't love it!

– Nelson or someone random

Bitmap Graphics

Bitmap graphics are a type of image never used by computers. It is essentially an image made out of lots of pixels, although the stability of the image is so low that it's all lost within a second of placing the pixel. One way of increasing stability is through crashing your computer, which gains a yoctosecond or two.


Here's a list of the most useless bitmap editor tools.

Line Tool

The line tool is a great tool for drying clothes on. It is very helpful if someone just went swimming at the local pool, or if it currently is raining cats and dogs or kumquats.

Ellipse Tool

Contrary to it's name, it actually draws triangles, because the Scratch Team was thinking about Doritos™©® while making it.

Square Tool

The square tool is a very uncommonly used one, but a very nice one because it causes a square dance to randomly generate around you. The most common song found playing is "El Paso", though some people recall hearing Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" whilst demolishing Scratch Wiki pages.

Paint Bucket

The paint bucket tool, hence the name, is a great tool for painting rooms. When used, it creates a flood of paint that often gets the user stuck in the paint puddle. Thankfully, it comes in a wide variety of colors, with the possible colors being:

  • Purple
  • Purple
  • And guess what! Purple!


The eraser is helpful tool in most drawings. It erases one's life, paycheck, job, and anything ever known about drawing. As one famous artist stated, "Wait, I'm an artist? What's that??"[1]

Magic Wand

Due to major technical setbacks, postulates, the possibilty of it exploding and more, only Division K of the Scratch Stability Team can use it at the moment.

Vector Graphics

Vector Graphics are a type of graphics dedicated to mathematical vectors, meaning the most a vector image can be is a line. It is very popular among Scratchers because the vector editor has 4568686 bugs versus the bitmap editor's 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 bugs, and because vector images only have a 99% chance of looking awful.


Here's a list of the most useless vector editor tools.

Stamp Tool

This is the best image ever made with the paint editor. According to legend, the shininess of the text was formed using alien skin.

This tool stamps expiration dates on a bunch of stuff in a photo. such as Badvil. It doesn't work because the stamp got stolen by a professional athlete so he could find out when his basketball expires.

Grouping Tool

Well at least I'm not a Brussels sprout...

The grouping tool is often underestimated in its powers to break physics, and quite literally, the known universe. It takes a random 5 to 900 items around a user, and groups them all into one object. On the right is the result of what happened to one lucky person who used the tool:

Reshape Tool

The reshape tool is a tool for reshaping copyrighted materials so that no one could ever knew what it is. The most popular image to Scratchers like to reshape is a dot. The dot image is copyrighted by the biggest company, Rumo Corporation. Rumo Corporation is popular among users. Scratchers like to reshape dots and call themselves Rumo Corporation's official Scratch account. [citation needed]


Here are a few tips for not improving your drawings:

  • Write "All hail spam/Plankton/Gobo!" on every single photo
  • Use vector graphics
  • Use bitmap graphics
  • Don't draw at all
  • Throw a tantrum and eat your computer[2]


  1. Leonardo da Vinci]]
  2. A baby