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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Operating System. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.

Operating Systems are programs that run computers, but a lot of them are dysfunctional and make computers explode[1].

Most of the examples below are terrible at supporting Scratch[2][3].

Examples of OSs

Shamshung OS

Shamshung OS is an OS made by Chris P. Bacon[4] and some other Shamshung employees. It is used by Gobo, Scratch Cat and the Scratch Team[5][6][7]. It can run anything on Scratch without crashing[8].
Shamshung OS's current logo (for the desktop version).
It has a mobile edition. Its current version is 10.1.7.

Scratch OS

Note Warning: Never use this OS.

Scratch OS is an entirely dysfunctional[9] OS made by this person[10][11]

Bandage OS

Bandage OS is a rip-off of Shamshung OS, made by Shumsim[12]. Unlike Shamshung OS, almost every image is a bandage and it doesn't support Scratch[9].
Bandage OS's logo[13]

Woof OS

Woof OS was an OS used by dogs[14]. Scratch was not supported by this OS[9]. All copies of the OS and the source code were destroyed in the Big Dog Flame War[15] (see below).

The Big Dog Flame War

The Big Dog Flame War was a giant flame war between the ST, several cats and an uncountable amount of dogs[16].

On the 9th November 2018, the Woof OS team declared that they will never support Scratch. The ST were furious to hear that, so they started a flame war against them. Originally, it was a flame ware between the ST and Woof OS Team but numerous dogs joined in because the ST were cats. During that, Woof City, including the Woof OS lab, was burnt to the ground by the ST and several cats.

The next day[17], the Woof OS team had completely vanished, ending the Big Dog Flame War. All of Woofland and everything and everyone (execpt for the cats) in it were burnt to a crisp[18]. Woof OS was permanently gone, including the website where dogs downloaded it.

Exploding OS

Exploding OS is a dysfunctional[9] OS that makes computers running it explode at startup. In the Big Dog Flame War, the ST replaced several computers in Woofland's OS with that to help burn down Woofland, despite the ST hating the OS.

Junk OS

Junk OS is an absolutely rubbish OS that is severely incompatible with every app/program in the world[19], including Scratch[9]. It crashes every second, even when installing.


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