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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of New Scratcher Status. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
A New Scratcher is a person who has given out little/no energy units.

They are traditionally used for encouraging older Scratchers to make more projects without knowing they are helping a bunch of fluffy kittehs to take over the world.

The New Scratchers who decide to stay on the website snap out of their trance and panic about energy units once they become a Scratcher.


New Scratchers were not always used for helping the Scratch Team, but we're actually for making smaller projects with less energy units because they are beginners.

They were used for that when the Scratch Team were just starting to extract energy units but after that, they decided that New Scratchers are much more useful under a spell and started hypnotising them into telling others to make projects.

However, New Scratchers cannot remember when they were in a trance.

"No random evil cats have ever hypnotised me before and I think I'd remember something like that." ~Unknown New Scratcher.

New Scratcher Restrictions

New Scratchers don't have restrictions as the Scratch Team are particularly fond of them.

Requirements to Become a Scratcher

To become a Scratcher, you must: ·Have given at least 100 energy units. ·Have told 1 Scratcher to give energy units. ·Follow a Scratch Team member. ·Have been under a trance for at least two weeks. ·Do an evil laugh (the most important part).

New TBGers

Basically the same as becoming a Scratcher so... Yeah... Nothing to put here.

But that was an OLD forum.

Welcoming Committee

The Welcoming Committee is a studio where the Scratch Team tell New Scratchers to give energy units, New Scratchers tell Scratchers to make more projects and Scratchers discuss how long it will be before the Scratch Team takes over the world. It is the most popular studio (and most followed thing) on Scratch.