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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Making Scratch Crash. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
People have been trying to destroy Scratch by closing it, mainly to stop the Scratch Team from collecting energy units. There are currently only 4 successful ways.


Method 1

Post a picture of anything blue on the forums or the wiki.

Then Scratch Cat will become distracted and race over to the image. The ST will have to catch Scratch Cat, allowing time for Scratchers to sneak into MIT and mess with Scratch's servers.

Method 2

Set Scratch Cat on fire. The Scratch Team have to throw a bucket of water at him to extinguish him, but since they are terrible at throwing, they throw it at the Scratch servers, which then explode.

Method 3

Sneak into Massachusetts Institute of Technology, suck on a dollar bill, and then place it in the disk slot of a computer. Since MIT's computers are allergic to saliva, they'll explode.

Method 4

Launch DDoS attacks on everything in the Scratch Team's base, including all ST members themselves. The server will then explode.


Since Scratch Team can fix Scratch in 1 picosecond[1], this cannot permanently close Scratch.

Anyone caught trying to destroy Scratch will have to give the Scratch Team billions of energy units. They would also have to babysit Gobo and his friends in training.

Please do not get caught. You do not want to end up like Ralph Wiggum - poor lad was struck by the ban hammer multiple times and was placed in the dungeon of all banned users while one of his hands is jammed in a toaster.


  1. They have Bob the Builder powers?