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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Kaj. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.

Kaj was a woodcutter, but is now a cat.[citation needed] They are very popular because of the rumor that they hacked accounts. Kaj only hacked the Scratch Cat's account, but then turned into a cat.[citation needed] Kaj also has full admin access over the Scratch wiki NO I DONT I CANT EVEN EDIT THIS PAGE!!!
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Kaj was just a normal user, until they went on a rampage one day. Kaj took the axe which they used for chopping trees, and started swinging it at people. Less Scratchers meant less energy units, so the Scratch Team banned Kaj. In return, Kaj hacked the scratch cat's account by pretending to be a 2 year old, but then Kaj turned into a 15 year old hedgehog(?).

Many years later, people rumored that Kaj was actually Paul Bunyan. Suddenly, Kaj returned to the air and all the rumors were debunked.


Kaj was unbanned, and made a Scratch Team member for some reason. However, they resigned after a day, to spend more time hacking people and trees with their family.

Following Kaj

1337 ATers figured can follow Kaj using HTTP (How To eaT Pie) requests. Following Kaj is a rite of passage into the Advanced Topics club. Kaj became the leader of the ATer club by eATing the greatest amount of pies.[citation needed]

The only Scratcher Kaj is following is space777.[1]

Tall Tale

Because of the alternate meaning of the word "hack," a rumor started that Kaj hacked the servers and hijacked accounts, even though they really just physically hacked Scratchers. A group of Scratchers who identify as "hackers" believe that the word should be applied to cutting down trees, and not breaking into accounts.
A hacked tree
Sadly they all got off topic and KAJ too over the world. We are now sad
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