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Joystick Pushed ()?
<joystick pushed [ v]? :: extension>
Introduced in -6283.1
Removed in -4181.0

The joystick pushed () block is a Boolean Block who was created in the year -6283 ST when the other Boolean Blocks figured out that one Reporter Block actually is a joystick. The new Boolean is trained to roll up a waffle into binoculars so it can spy on the Joystick, and tell the other Booleans where to go to avoid the Reporters.

Well one time, the joystick pushed () block used a pancake instead of a waffle and led some Boolean straight into a Reporter, so the other Booleans put it inside a pancake and fed it to Scratch Cat. Scratch Cat saw the joystick pushed () block and banned it because green blocks don't belong in blue pancakes.

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