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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Help:Magic words. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
Magic Words are words that many magicians use to perform many different magical actions, including forcing something to move, making something perform an action, create many different objects out of nowhere, and more actions.
Note Warning: Only magicians, such as Harry Potter or Ron Weasly, can use magic words. Any attempt to use magic words by muggles non-magical people, whether it be on purpose or not, will cause a Category CLXXXVII flame war to ignite anywhere on Scratch. The only magic word normal scratchers can say is "please".

There are 3 general types of Magic Words.
Abracadabras: Basic magic words that beginning magicians learn to use.
Hocus Poci/Hocus Pocuses: Magic words that experienced (above beginner) magicians use in everyday life.
Hocus Pocus Shazams: Magic words that advanced magicians (better than experienced) use, but only in dire or demanding situations.
Mumbo Jumbos: Magic words that old and elderly wizards[1] use. It mostly helps with their elderly needs, like waking up and turning solid food into mush. It is popular in England, where Minecraft players name their YouTube channels off of words they heard their granddad say [2].
Mumba Jumbas: When the Magician Council found out that only old men could use Mumbo Jumbos,
they created Mumba Jumbas, magic words that only old women can use.

Secrets to everybody References

  1. The founding magicians thought only old men would use it.
  2. Such as Mumbo Jumbo.