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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Help:Group rights. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
The Scratch Wiki is split up into different group rights which different Scratch Wiki users can be in. The groups are chosen arbitrarily and the users that the Scratch Team thinks are the cutest generally get the higher ranks. The ranks are also in place to make the users of lower ranks feel bad. For example, the Experienced Wikian user group, and the sysop right have the destroy right, which allows them to annihilate wiki pages, along with the people who created them.

User Groups


The usergroup (all) applies to anyone viewing the Wiki. These rights are appended onto existing user groups a user is in.

Autoconfirmed users

Main page: Scratch Wiki:Autoconfirmed users

Autoconfirmed users are granted the autoconfirmed right, which allows them to pretend they are more powerful than other users, often forgetting that everyone on the wiki is going to have this right.


Main page: Scratch Wiki:Bots

Bots are tools that are owned by users, which do tasks on the wiki, such as annoying people and breaking pages. These users are, however, not human, and computer-generate obnoxious edits. Bots have rights that no other user group has, such as:

  • Edit with complete impunity
  • Take over the Wiki!
  • Launch DDoS attacks
  • Use the API to make the Wiki unusable
  • Make edits nobody will ever be able to tell


Main page: Scratch Wiki:Bureaucrats

Bureaucrats have the most rights on the wiki. They can:

  • Destroy pages
  • Abuse other users
  • Brag about their position to everyone else
  • Drink special tea only available to Bureaucrats


Main page: Scratch Wiki:Administrators

Administrators, also called sysops, are elected based on their cuteness, and have lots more rights than Users. Admins are generally not trusted, but are given lots of privileges regardless. The main rights admins are granted are:

  • Destroying pages
  • Eating unused pages
  • Being cuter
  • The ability to undo all revisions to all pages since the wiki software is installed in one click


Experienced_Wikians are users also elected based on their cuteness and have more rights than Users. EWs are generally not trusted, but they are given the rights anyways. They can:

  • Destroy pages
  • The ability to undo all revisions to all pages since the wiki software is installed in one click
  • Reject all account requests in the queue, even if they've been accepted by someone else.


Users make up the bulk of the Scratch Wiki. They are just random people that nobody cares about. Nobody decided they were cuter or gave them any extra privileges.

Civil Rights

The User group has complained of discrimination from the Experienced Wikians and other higher-ranking groups. They protest for more rights. Unfortunately, they were IP banned by the Scratch Team for not being cute enough.