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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Green Flag. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.

The green flag (which starts a black hole) is a flag whose design is copyrighted by the Scratch Team. The country of Libya tried to sue the Scratch Team for stealing their flag, as they had the brilliant idea first. But a revolution saved the day, and in 2011, Libya got a new flag.


Muammar Moammar Moamar al- el- Al- Gaddafi Qadhafi Kadafi Gathafi however it's spelled

It is mainly used to start Scratch projects, although it is used as an antivirus that stops all viruses used to do bad stuff to Scratch like interfering with the energy unit collection, and emails the senders their own viruses (disguised as something tempting).


Scratch would prone to billions of destructive viruses without the stolen green flag. The green flag was also a weapon of mass destruction used to impale the Libyan masses during the Great Green Revolution, typically used by thrusting the flag forwards to start through every person in that general direction. This was the main source of friendly fire.[this info might be a giant lie and confuse you and everybody else in the universe]


The Scratch Team first got the idea of stealing the flag from Libya from Kaj when he pointed out that Libya is a very small and weak country and could never get the resources to stop the Scratch Team from taking it.


Libya sued the Scratch Team in 2008 for "STEALIN' MAH FLAG!!!!", and the Scratch Team responded with:


paddly mehress


The Libyan population realized that there was no point in resisting the Scratch Team in their war for the green flag, so they started the Great Green Revolution, and overthrew some copyright directors.


Libya finally changed its flag and the Scratch Team put their newly acquired green flag into every project that ever existed. They also kept the original flag stored in a safe to defend against anyone who could be crazy enough to attack the Scratch Team.

Other uses

The Green Flag can also be used to signal surrender to the Scratch Team, as resistance to them is completely useless.[citation needed] The Scratch Team chose a green flag instead of a white flag because green is visible to color blind fishie. They are also used as one of the prizes in "The Wheel of D'ohtune".

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