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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Gobo's Friends. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
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Gobo's Friends are aliens who live in the Sprites Library and always beg for money[1], though not as much as Gobo himself. If you give them money, they'll be happy for only 10 seconds. So to keep them happy for a year, you have to give them billions of dollars (like how much Bill Gates has times Impfinity). If you don't pay them at least once before you turn at least 13 years old, they will corrupt all of your projects you make after you reload.[2][3]

In contrast with the name used to refer to them, they used to be actually Gobo's enemies, because Gobo wouldn't help them beg, preferring to beg alone because he could make more profit that way. In 2016, after receiving all of the world's money by busting the scratch out of AMD, they're now really Gobo's friends.

The PicoBoard is also used to keep Pico happy.

When they're happy, they'll have strange side effects. For example, Nano will spin around and around trying to take a selfie while singing "I Really Like You". Tera's featherly head will burn an invisible fire and burn holes, which only the Scratch Cat can fix. Of course Tera had to "kidnap" him first. If you make a project, there's a 99.99% chance your project will be corrupted when shared.


Pico is an orange megalomaniac who wants to conquer Scratch. He did for a day, once, and censored certain words. However, he was overthrown. He is the reason for server troubles.[4]


Nano is a gray dog-thing who says, "Meow." He also invented nanotechnology (and named it after him).


Tera is a part of the ground. Every year, she mails a letter to Santa Claus, but it always gets lost, so she never gets Christmas presents. :(

She has a secret crush on Scratch Cat. They later went to the Claw Prom together, got married, and had ScratchJr.[5]


Giga is the greediest of them all, as she steals billions of dollars from random people per second. She is the Illuminati.

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  1. I saw them begging on the streets
  2. And no, sharing without reloading the page won't save your skins.
  3. Speaking of the previous reference, S for Spongebob, or S for Scratch Cat.
  4. When the "Server error" page appears, Pico is seen tampering with the server forcing everyone to use Windows 8 (original).