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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Gobo. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
Note Warning: Read if you are a Sammy Dimension fanboy/fangirl or if you hate Gobo! And don't stop until you read everything!
"Chee Chee!"

Gobo is just a random fish that Scratch Cat uses as a sidekick. He is also found in the Sprites Library and begs for money[1] more than his friends. The reason for this is he needs to buy a large amount (approximately $3.2x1074) of Meow Mix for the Scratch Cat so he does not get eaten. He is also prone to dislike some Youtubers.[2]


Scratch Cat uses him as a sidekick because "That cat has gone crazy-go-nuts[3]".

Every time that happens, he goes "Chee Chee!" and just do it. At least his friends are better than that "Crazy-go-nuts cat[4]".

Gobo also likes to lie a lot.


Yes, he got this stupid quote from the world's least favorite show, Sammy Dimension[5][6]! Because of that, he's just going quite crazy-go-nuts using it, even while watching the world's most favorite show, The Simpsons, in which he is probably one of the few who dislikes it.[7]

AMD or Shamshung?

Note Warning: Read if you are an AMD fanboy/fangirl or if your computer's processor is AMD.

"AMD or Shamshung? AMD or Shamshung? SHAMSHUNG!" Sure, he will pick Shamshung over AMD. And that is because it is better against lag. He even found a project that is a complete lie. He revived the project and that boomed Shamshung business and AMD is now closing just to copy them[8]. He is also the leader in all World War Processors, responsible for slicing AMD processors in half! He inspired the PicoBoard, so you're now happy about it you don't even care about AMD anymore.

A "Shamshung inside" sticker

What he thinks about Scratch cat

Chee Chee!

– Gobo

He is not a feature of Minecraft

– Notch

He is better than that old Gobo

– Paddle2see, speakvisually and agentPineapple


Gopo is gobo’s cousin from mars. He is not a fish but actually a very big parrot. Gopo likes to put whoopie cushions under his bed. He eats a lot of raspberry and red current ice cream, but hates mint and lemon. He has a whole collection of red things, including,

  • 473,385 dolls in red dresses
  • 483 red copies of HobsonTV’s thumbnail[11]
  • 583 gobo pictures. Wait, that isn’t red!
  • 29358 pico Images with red borders
  • 472 red chickens
  • 5728 red paintings
  • 5729 red birds [12]
  • 5720282756 red seeds
  • 2 copies of his planet.

And many more red things. He eats at least 48284 redskins a day. He also drinks 2 gallons of red fruit juice, lingonberry soda and raspberry lemonade in just 6 hours, eats about 5kg of strawberries, raspberries and red currents a day and holds the world record for most red things. Gobo is jealous of Gopo, but Gobo is at least happy when Gopo gets pelted with blocks and the ban hammer for eating the Scratch Team’s whole raspberry and red current ice cream supply. Since then, Gopo goes in the back and eats it from there. He now steals from the Scratch Team’s red pretzels supply, as well as making half his average redskin intake come from the Scratch Team’s supply.

Coming up next, Jobo, Gobo’s cousin from the bottom of the sea, coming to a profile near YOU.

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  1. He begs $999 trillion each time if you use him. Unfortunately, you get a copyrighted version of him
  2. Out of them all, he dislikes the most ones who does nothing but has either screams and yells all day or the ones with bad fanbase, like My Little Pony, Sonic, furries, FNAF, Sammy Dimension, One Direction...
  3. Yep, Sammy from Sammy Dimension said that. Or maybe not? Welp, its for you to decide
  4. Still referring to Sammy Dimension. But Gobo hates that show!
  5. The only person who likes it is probably you. Especially if you're a fanboy/fangirl.
  6. Thankfully, it series finale had ended. Man, that was total nuts and you had to see it!
  7. Only because of the newer episodes
  8. Yep, that was a stupid idea for AMD! Nvidia does a better job despite worse processors.
  9. His catchphrase
  10. Notch does not know what he is talking about
  11. They was given $999,999,999,999,999,999 in return
  12. All those birds were stolen from a video game.