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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Go to X: () Y: () (block). Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.


go to x: () y: ()

is mainly used by the Scratch Team to teleport to quardinates near the houses of unsuspecting Scratchers who stole energy units from the ST.

How to avoid

It is hard, but some Scratchers have been able to avoid the ST's wrath. Here are some methods.

  • Hide in a bunker underneath the MIT's building. Since the building sends off a large blocking signal, the ST will not be able to teleport to you unless you get out. It may be hard to find food, so order a few Mig Bacs with Uats Eber (not sponsored).
  • Dance. The Distraction Dance is recomended. Because it's the Distraction Dance, the Scratch Cat will not be able to resist and will start dancing uncontrollably. The Scratch Cat is the one who operates these blocks, so the Scratch Team will not be able to teleport to you for about a day or so. While they're busy trying to get Scratch Cat to stop dancing...
  • Buy a broken rockect ship from Willgood, disobey the golden rule of Minecraft until you find an emerald, then grab it with your feet and wall jump, making sure to only shout "HUP!" after/before your partners in crime.
Everybody! WALL JUMP!

– some Golf Ball, to a group that needs A Better Name than That

  • Fly a rocketship to space. There's no way the ST will find you from there. Also useful for avoiding the dreaded Twinkle of Contagion, just in case they want to pass it on to you.
  • Wear a disguise. This usually results in a fail, but if you click on the person during the animation that plays out, the ST gets fooled by the disguise and you can steal the blocks!

How to Use

It's simple. Just write the coordinates of an object, and you'll teleport to it!!