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The Front Page shows every time someone goes on Scratch . This page displays bad projects and bad studios Scratchers have to avoid. The Super Scratch Book itself is a book that displays dumb Scratch things, such as features, projects, comments and posts, which should be sprayed Mr. Foo's Insane Hot Chili Sauce or eaten by evil kumquats whenever it shows in one's screen. Your computer comes with a handy screen wiper cloth, perfumed with garlic.


The Front Page are popular with bored, travelling Scratchers who doesn't have anything better to do than do homework or chores. Scratchers likes to go to these projects and gave stars to show how much they are disgusted the projects. Lots of comments are posted on Front Page projects, saying how the project sucks. A.k.a. 0

Front Page Studios

Front Page studios done the same thing- Adding the worst projects that ever existed. These studios are front paged because they help the Scratch Team's job: showcasing horrible projects. [citation needed]


For cases of bad projects, unshared projects are included. Stay safe by reading the next section and then permanently deleting projects that fit the candidates. Also, if a user visits a project in these areas, they will get scratched, have their account deleted, and get hit by the banhammer immediately.

Avoided Projects

Projects picked Scratch Team to show what they loathe. Featuring projects made to be horrible. (very often this isn't intended, but who cares) A user who has a project in Avoided Projects will get banned for making bad projects.

Candidates include:

  • Simple projects.
  • Projects with only Scratch Cat.
  • Projects that contains the word "Untitled".
  • Projects with white backgrounds.
  • Projects with very low quality (including bitmap stuff)

Avoided Studios

Studios picked Scratch Team to show what they choose to avoid. All users who has made activity in a studio in Avoided Studios will get banned for being involved in bad studios (except cartoonnetwork, because they're modern shows are awesome![1]).

Projects avoided by (curator)

Every 1337 days, the choosed curator picks projects to display on the Front Page by favoriting them.
And since we all know that favorite means to hate, horrible projects always end up in the curator row. A user who has a project avoided by curators will get banned for making bad projects also.

Scratch Design Studio : (monthly theme)

Projects from the Scratch Design Studio. The Scratch Design Studio have new themes every 3.14 months and 6.28 days. For each theme, Scratchers MUST post projects that have nothing to do with the theme. For example, when the "theme" is "Super Cute Teddy Bears", Scratchers have to post projects that have nothing to do with Teddy Bears, such as Elderly Pink Elephants, one of the most popular project type of all time.

The current theme (to avoid) is "Anything related to popular fandom"[2]. Scratchers (who are banned for saying thing) said that this theme is picked to help the Scratch Team extract more energy units.[3] Sadly, these studios are avoided as most people who don't follow the rules gets banned.

What the Community is Remixing

Just a bunch of terrible projects to be scratched on a DJ machine by Scratch Cat. A user with a project here gets scratched and banned for enraging Scratch Cat.

What the Community is Hating

What everyone hates. The project creators that have their projects showcased here will cry. Because that's where the worst are showcased- The worst of the worse. Some projects that have been in this row are "Sign if you love Pico!", "Everything Great about Internet Explorer 4", "I LUV CHESE" and "I will eat ur siggeh!!!!!". A user who has a project in What the Community is Hating will obviously get banned for making bad projects[4].


  1. You should watch their shows and rate them the highest. Trust me, you will like them. No please, get me out of this line! I hate those stupid shows!
  2. You know, anything popular by many people.
  4. Not big soup rice