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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Discussion Forums. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.

The Scratch Discussion Forums are a place where Scratchers and members of the Scratch Team discuss ways to get more energy units. They are also a place where people MUST have flame wars and spam. [1]

60-Second Rule

The Scratch Team created a 60-second rule, which allows waffles that have been spammed on the forums, to be edible in that time. Anybody who is caught not spamming waffles or other stuff (or giving the ST energy units) is banned.


People cannot use profanity (like Wiki Markup) in the forums, but they have to live with BBCode, a thing made by a very British company, so they can spam more stuff. B stands for British (and so does the other B), so only people in Britain or ones that can do a terrible British accent can use it. The Scratch Team can also use it, though.


Every time somebody posts, they give the Scratch Team an energy unit. People are encouraged to post as they get a badge saying "King of Spam," when they are the first Scratcher to spam more than a billion times. People who have spammed less than 100 times are looked down upon, are forced to pray to the Scratch Team that they will reach that many posts eventually every hour, and to make them feel super bad everyone can see how many spams they have.

Spamming Subforums

The Scratch Team likes to keep energy units organized. After all, you can’t collect them, unless you can find them! So, they organize them into tons of innocent looking subforums, codeword for energy unit harvesters.

What do the forums look like?

The Scratch Forums.

They used to look like this, but since they basically revealed the ST's evil plans, they took the most loyal Scratcher other than Griffpatch, and edited the page to hide the plans. They got banned for no reason after that, and now join billions of humans, animals, and inanimate objects in the Dungeon.

The Only Reference

  1. If you do not have flame wars and spam, you will be yeeted out of existence by Henry LXI, King of England (which is just a Scratch Team member in a costume).
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