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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of DMCA. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.

DMCA is a secret organisation which is part of the FBI, which declares Scratch and the Scratch Team illegal. They try to destroy Scratch and ScratchEd in many different ways, but members always get banned by the Scratch Team. Because they run put of members really quickly, they get random people across the U.S to join them.

This is their theme tune.


Using Moon Cheese

In previous versions of this page, you saw a quick PSA on whether moon cheese existed or not. The page said that moon cheese couldn't possibly exist because its radioactivity would cause Scratch to not exist.


Moon cheese does exist. DMCA used to stand for "Does Moon Cheese Also exist?" Now it stands for "Demonstration of Moon Cheese's Annihilation Ability." (Technically DCMAA, but they cut off the extra A to look more professional.) Every day, they cultivate moon cheese by sending milk to the moon for curdling and transformation[1] into cheese, which, because it was made on the moon, is now moon cheese. They then take the newly formed cheese back to Earth, where the moon cheese is left sitting by Scratch Headquarters, where it will slowly destroy the whole building, atom by atom.[2] Unfortunately, the Scratch Team still doesn't know that moon cheese actually exists, so if nobody finds the cheese, Scratch Headquarters will slowly vanish from the face of the Earth....


  1. layman's term for any process they don't know the name of or that doesn't have a name to itself.
  2. Technically, it destroys thousands of atoms per second, so it's actually a threat.