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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Creative Commons License. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.

Creative Commons (License) is a park that Scratch Cat visits every day[1]. It is unknown why he likes it so much there. Maybe because it doesn't have anything in it, and that means that it won't cause much lag.

History of the Park

In the year 9002, the park was discovered.Scratch Cat started to spend his time there. He made it accessible to everyone and free to edit. No one visited the park because they thought that the Community Moderators would be there.

Eventually, some doofus turned up to the park in 3102 (then, it was called "Creative Common") and thought that there were multiple commons, so they changed the name to "Creative Commons".

The common's new logo, after being vandalised several times

Another idiot also thought that Scratch Cat had been eating WAFFLES NOM NOM NOM NOM whilst taking his driving test, so he edited the name to be Creative Commons License. This happened in 5102.

Finally, in the year 6102, the editable feature of the title and park was taken away. The two doofuses had smashed up Scratch Cat's computer keyboard, but luckily, they had forgotten to smash the shift key and the numbers nine and zero. So the final edit was adding a pair of brackets.

Features of the Park

The park

The park has one daffodil, a melted ice cream truck and 1000 sqm of grass. If you've been there (you haven't) you will have seen how nice it is.

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET comb and vsit mmmmmmmmmmmmme
The Scratch Cat (talk | contribs)

The Doofuses / The Idiots (talk | contribs)

The Scratch Cat (talk | contribs)

Directions to the Park

To get to the park, turn left and fall onto a chair. Then, get yourself up and walk to the door, out of this room. Next, walk back in. Now, open the window and jump out. You will be on the top of three flowers. Now run north really fast for 10000000000000 days. Then you'll be at the park! Enjoy your day! They have an ice cream truck there but it melted.

Additional Information

If you are visiting the common, you will need:
1x Map

1x Space Suit

1x Waffle

100x You

0x Me

348x Snakes and Ladders


599.99x Dollars

344.998765432111x Atoms

3.14159265359x Pi(es)


  1. In the future, he'll occasionally take Tera to the park