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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Contact Us. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
We care about your opinion

– Kaj, speaking sarcastically

Contact Us is one of the very few ways you can contact the Scratch Team. The Scratch Team hates it when people contact them, so they make the process as boring and frustrating as possible in the following ways:

  • A cost of quadrillions of Energy Units to even try
  • 100 different pages you have to go through, each with 100 buttons [1]
  • Eight hour loading time
  • Horrible waiting music playing during the entire eight hours
  • Crashing 90% of the time after 7 hours and 59 minutes, forcing you to start over

99.5% of users who try to contact the Scratch Team give up.


Originally, there was a page with nothing but a textbox which was sent to the Scratch Team. When the energy unit secret was exposed, they made it 900% harder to prevent people from lagging the Scratch servers with messages telling them to stop collecting energy units.


  1. If you press even one wrong button, you have to start over
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