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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Color Palette. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
The color picker (or colour picker) is where you get to choose what colors you want to see on the Scratch website. The default colors are Scratch Cat Orange and Boring Blue. You can also buy a color picker for $99,999,999.99 USD that will also be able to pick color off of anything.[1]

Colors You Can Choose From

Radical Red

Duna Red

Knuckles Red

Amy Pink

Scratch Cat Orange

Tails Orange

Cream Peach

Moho Brown

Boring Box Brown

Sunny Yellow

Golden Yellow

Super Sonic Yellow


Kerbal Green

Jool Green

Sky Blue

Boring Blue

Deep Blue

Sea Blue

Sonic Blue

Impossible Indigo

Blaze Lavender

Visible Violet

Eve Violet

Eeloo White

Rouge White

Space Black

Shadow Black

Mun Gray

Dres Gray

Silver Silver

Simpsons Yellow[2]

Peanut Butter Brown[3]


Many people do not like the Sonic colors but were scratched by the Scratch Cat for protesting. Likewise, many people do not like the Kerbal colors but they ended up getting a perihelion of less than 0 m. That is, their ship crashed into the ground and we need a rescue mission to save Kerbal Green.

Kerbal.png AHHHH I AM LOST IN SPACE!!!!!!


  1. Sadly, this is the reason why Antarctica is mostly white
  2. Hey it doesn't rhyme!
  3. Ralph Wiggum's favorite color