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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Cloud Data. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
If you look really closely, you might see the binary code.

Cloud data is project data that is stored in or above clouds, in this case where they sink back into clouds. Depending on one's location, it may or may not work properly. Nimbostratus clouds are usually dark and rainy, and often the cloud data has difficulty getting embedded into the cloud. Cumulus clouds sometimes drop the data onto the ground. It usually appears on top of cumulonimbus clouds where it will fly around in the sky so it would be devoured by birds that just happen to be in the sky every single time this happens, and the data will be gone forever; if it doesn't appear on the top it will be inside, getting so rusty and dusty the data could never be used again. Data can also be lost when clouds dissipate away.


Cloud data is used to keep variable values stored in the clouds except in the case of cumulonimbus clouds and accessible by anyone around the globe. An exception to this is if the clouds are nimbostratus and cannot be penetrated by the radio waves. In this case, people often go crying alone until the clouds clear up some.


Cloud data is often thought of as "bad", as put out in the news and that it can "never be erased". This is untrue because according to meteorologists, once clouds precipitate all their matter, there is nothing left. Unfortunately, if the bits saved in time are not retrieved by a host computer, it may end up in the ocean.

When questioned about the safety of cloud data, prior to fleeing to Antarctica, the Scratch creator said the following:

Cloud data is totally safe and will not hurt when it precipitates onto people.

– Scratch Creator

Issues involve meteorologists becoming the new hackers through modifying the clouds and interfering with the data being sent through. Thunderstorms may also even reverse the "1"s and "0"s.

Environmental Concerns

The bits from the clouds which end up in the ocean pose a health risk to local sealife. Since the 1337th century, cloud data has been associated with abnormal climate change.

Google Actual Cloud Platform

There once was a cloud data system called Google Actual Cloud Platform. It was banned because it attracted lightning, causing the data to be replaced with 1s.


These bits of data in the clouds usually jump down and hijack passing planes, and they have caused 99.9% of all plane accidents. The humans we analyze the wreckage are allies with the cloud data hijackers and they hide their presence by covering with lies.

The Good This Page Does

We are the good guys known as the 'Joke Community' that have revealed the secret of the analyzers of the wreckages. We will try to stop the cloud data hijackers by turning the clouds into cotton candy and feeding them to the Scratch Team.