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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Change X by () (block). Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
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Don't touch that!

– Somebody

change x by ()

This block is the main reason why Scratch Cat scratches the Scratchers that use the Scratch Project Editor. When he is moved from the center of the stage, he gets really angry and scratches the user that made him move.

Robbie Rotten has given warnings about using the block:

No, don't touch that!

However, it often falls on deaf ears, and the Scratchers use the block anyways.[1]

Some users add a very long wait block at the beginning in order to anger the Scratch Cat and escape:

wait (9001) secs
change x by (1)

But unfortunately, those who forget to take EVERYTHING that is blue with them[2] loses their blue items.

Scratchers that escape Scratch Cat will get on a plane to the Afganirussiawai'isbekistanlandian Kingdom[3] to get on an extended some-expenses-paid vacation. This is because Scratch Cat will try to stop at nothing in order to DESTROY THEM.[4] However, he will find out that they went to the Afganirussiawai'isbekistanlandian Kingdom, which happens to be the only place that he can't go to. Then, and ONLY then, will he scream this.[5]

Despite the fact that all these "luxuries"[6] could happen, Robbie Rotten still says:

No, don't touch that!


  2. In their room, duh! Scratch Cat is not stupid enough to explore the REST of the house!
  3. Only people trying to escape Scratch Cat can go there.
  4. Ummm, ummm...! I meant to scratch your face, not to destroy you! Hehe....
  5. Even though you aren't a platypus... or a person named "Perry"...?
  6. How did I do that, huh? 魔法!