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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Can Scratch projects be sold?. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.

The shorter, stub version

No, Scratch projects are controlled by many companies that secretly copyrighted and sold your project already.

The longer version nobody will actually read

Companies copyright and sell user-generated content because they want money. Scratch does that too, but they don't actually do that. Companies like

  • Google
  • Google
  • Google
  • Google
  • Google

  • Windows

sell user-generated content for money. Google is a stakeholder of Scratch, so they copyright and sell projects for money, and invest some of it back to Scratch to generate energy units.

Their copyright law is pretty strict, see below:

Anything copyrighted by the Google service is not unlockable, stating that these content will be copyrighted forever, even if you ask permissions to use it and they are owned by Google, not the end user.[1][2]

– Google Copyright Laws

Microsoft sells their favourite projects on the black market (which is built-in to Scratch otherwise all of Microsoft gets banned for spending over one yoctosecond not being on Scratch), which helps generate energy units with the money they now get.

Since Google is controlling our projects, and the law is so strict, no. You aren't allowed to sell projects.


  1. Anyone using a product is an end user, and they must abide this law.
  2. Piracy is a serious copyright law, and if you sell stuff without permission, that is called Piracy. They must also abide this law or else they will get punished with 10K+ GTracker API requests to get data per picosecond.
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