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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Ban. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
A rabbit's reaction to getting banned.
A ban, also known as a block (see the next section) is when the Scratch Team decides to prevent a user from accessing the Scratch Website by pelting said user with blocks then getting hit by the banhammer, which sends the person being banned into the dungeon of banned users. This normally occurs when a user is preventing the Scratch Team from obtaining enough energy units.

Controversy over Naming

The term "ban" is normally used to refer to such actions, but the term "block" is used by other users because the technique not only "blocks" the user from accessing the Scratch Website, but also involves pelting the user with blocks or bashing them with ban hammers. The Scratch Team has not commented about whether there will be an official name change.[this info might be a giant lie and confuse you and everybody else in the universe]

Becoming Unbanned

Bans are usually permanent, but in a few special cases users have been able to get out of dungeon containing banned users. The users that have been unbanned have not revealed how they escaped, but some inside spies have found anonymous envelopes containing large amounts of money that have been suspected to be relatewd to the unbanning of these users. Thus, those banned goes to the banhammer to get squashed on.

As a result, only a handful of people are unbanned, with the most infamous prisoner now out of the dungeon is Kaj.

People in the Dungeon

There is an estimate of 3.6 billion things that are banned, including non-humans.


  • Someone who refused to give out energy units
  • A frequent visitor to the Project Ideas cave
  • Someone who deleted their Scratch Account
  • A video game fan that made a project where the player has to destroy Scratch to win
  • Someone who left Scratch forever
  • Some creators of some Scratch Modifications
  • Someone who sent a DDoS attack on Scratch's servers
  • Some sheep
  • Some people who tried to teach sheep how to make games
  • A dog that does not know what Scratch or computers are
  • Someone who never registered a Scratch Account
  • A 2-year old who threw a tantrum when he was told to go on Scratch
  • Someone who ate a Scratcher's Internet cables
  • Everything and everyone that cannot use or access Scratch
  • 97% of all booleans
  • Everyone who doesn't have a computer


  • Kaj
  • A few spambots and their owners

Blocks Used

HAW-HAW::sensing hat

BANHAMMER::sensing hat

this is a block

ouch block

give us energy units NOW

never delete your scratch account

you are evil

send to the dungeon

obey us