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A picture of the average backpack.

When a Scratcher creates an account, instead of a little server space being made for the backpack, the Scratch Team has a warehouse of school backpacks with Dora the Explorer on either side, and hands the Scratcher one. This way, the Scratch Team is not purchasing new servers constantly, and the only solution is to force the Scratcher to carry all of their projects, sprites, etc. by hand.

I chose this idea to help young Scratchers turn into healthy, strong, full-grown men using simple projects from when they were little.

– Scratch Creator, prior to fleeing to Antarctica

Some Scratchers have found a way to work around this, at one point hooks were placed on every project, to cut down on Tags being treated as a waste of space. They figured out they could hang their backpack there.

Note Note: Hardly anyone uses their backpack anyway, New Scratchers sometimes get 2 backpacks because they habe extra homework to carry.