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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of April Fools' Day. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.

April Fools' Day (also known as All Fools' Day) is a cultural holiday celebrated on April 1st where people worship and praise fools. After gaining a lot of popularity in Vandealy, the holiday was moved over to the Scratch website to much praise from Scratchers (and some bribery from the Vandelay government). This day is also well know for being the anniversary of when the Gobo Dynasty was overthrown and the Scratch Team took over in 5728 BC.

Rulez for Pwaranks

  • Haz (quamkat free) fun
  • Eat panySakez
  • Smilez
  • bee happi
  • today people see
  • eat PAnquakes

And remeber kids, No loNg tErM DamAgE![1]


It is common for Scratchers all across the website to flock to the user Fools and lay flowers at their feet. They are often praised as being the king of fools, and have been offered 300 pounds in fools' gold just for the account name. Negotiations have stalled with them though, since Fools has a chronic obsession with cake, meaning all they say is the word "cake". Take, for example, this interview with them:

Thank you for having this interview with us! How are you?

– News


– Fools

Interesting, interesting indeed. That can make a spectacular headline. What is your favorite food?

– News


– Fools

Neat. How about your least favorite food?

– News


– Fools

Favorite song?

– News


– Fools

Oh, you mean that Flo Rida song?

– News


– Fools


– News


– Fools

You're starting to make me want to eat a ukulele.

– News


– Fools

That's it, I am yeeting myself into a giant pie!

– News


– Fools

Although this is the standard practice on April Fools' Day, other minor practices include:

  • Throwing oneself into a giant pie
  • Tripping on purpose
  • Forgetting about one's homework
  • Forgetting about one's teacher
  • Forgetting about detention
  • Forgetting about breaking out of detention
  • Forgetting about turning into Bat Man to destroy your teacher
  • Forgetting about being beaten up by the real Bat Man[2][3]
  • Forgetting about angering the Scratch Team
  • Forgetting about eating a ukulele
  • Forgetting about forgetting about angering the Scratch Team.
  • Forgetting about forgetting about forgetting about angering the Scratch Team.
  • Forgetting about forgetting.
  • Forgetting about forgetting about forgetting.

Notable Pranks


  • On that day, the Scratch website was invaded by a bunch of dark Chaos, capturing and torturing every Scratcher. Everyone was forced to collaborate on an internet virus designed to destroy the entire internet, though the dark Chaos died when the sun came up. The cat, Kaj, claimed that it was one of his harmless pranks, and everyone laughed about their experiences. It is considered the best prank ever made.


  • One day, on April 1st, Scratch Cat was hanging out with Gobo until evil bunch of fluffeh kittehs started to throw trillions pies at them, making Scratch Cat and Gobo run. The fluffy evil kittens claimed that they put a GPS on both Gobo and Scratch Cat that would produce energy units when Scratch Cat and Gobo ran. The faster they ran, the more energy units they would get. At midnight, however, Scratch Cat came to their houses and took all their pretzels. The evil fluffy kittens were so worried about starving to death so they told Scratch Cat and Gobo to return their food, because the GPS thing is just a prank. (who could trust an evil fluffy kitten, though?)


  • On April 1st, 2014, Scratch Cat claimed that he was moving. He prepared a big party, and every single Scratcher (except AgentPineapple) came. Scratch Cat said Pico would take over until he came back. Everyone was very sad Scratch Cat left and wished he would stay. Scratch Cat said that he would no longer appear in the editor, and that he would not be in older projects featuring him. Scratch also claimed he would take his clones with him, in order to stop his 1.4 cousin from kidnapping them.[4]. After the party, Scratch Cat said it was an April Fools joke, and even Pico had to laugh. Then Scratch Cat said he wouldn't leave until 2021, and everyone stopped.


  • On April 1st, 2015, a MBR virus is installed to every page[5]. It may not seem threatening, but if you were to reboot, you noticed your computer has booted to a screamer everytime you boot or it is replaced with this. [6] Using a Windows install disk will save your skins, sadly, but you will be forced to lose all of your data as the virus deleted them.


  • In 2016, a man called Bob ate a fish. It turned out that it was a prank fish and was in fact made of blueberries. Unfortunately, Bob didn’t like blueberries then. He nearly went rolling down Gobo's Hill, sacked himself into Mr. Harley's (whoever he is) Motorcycle Shop, then neatly cleaned himself and went to his home in the Middle of Nowhere. Nowadays he is seen fishing with is friend Bill in Lake   .


On April Fools Day that year, 4 "cats" joined the Scratch Team. After a Welcoming Ceremony, all ST members, including the new members went to a meeting to do with emailing viruses to Scratchers that make simple projects. Just before the meeting started, the new members revealed themselfs to be evil bunnehs. Just before Mres threw a toaster at them, the evil bunnehs exploded, starting a fire. All the ST members evacuated the building and everything but the energy unit stuff were burnt to a crisp. Just after the fire disappeared, the ST heard someone say "April Fools!" from somewhere distant.

After the ST's headquartes were rebuilt, the ST found that person who said "April Fools!" after the old ST building was burnt down and hit them with the banhammer.

Then, the metal of the banhammer made the person glitch weirdly[7] and they were forced to feed dangerous dragons[8] with extremely rare carrot mushrooms[9]


  • On that day, AgentPineapple replaced every user icon with something related to pizza. They also stole the entire world's food supply, so everyone had nothing to eat but the pizza icon. Everyone became so hungry that they actually ate their computer screens. Rumors say that everyone who ate their screens got computer flu (although many people said that those rumors were just big fat lies).
What is computer flu? Sounds like one weird virus...

– AgentPineapple

On April 2nd, a huge group of Scratchers bought 5 million billion trillion tons of turkey, and there was a huge feast[10]


That year, the Scratch Team said that Scratch would move to a new domain: scratch.cats.net. At 7am, the Scratch Website only said to go to the new domain.

scratch.cats.net had a virus that destroyed 99.67% of all computers in the world.

After quadrillions of people had to buy new computers, the Scratch Website said "APRIL FOOLS YEAH!" for the rest of the day.


The Scratch servers disappeared. They were later found in a meaty thing's basement after he illegally obtained all the rights and copyright status of the servers.

Before all this was known, an unidentified Scratch Team member leaked footage of the upcoming pranks. Said footage can be seen here


  • On that day, the Scratch website was invaded by a bunch of light Chaos, capturing and torturing every Scratcher. Everyone was forced to collaborate on an internet virus designed to destroy the entire internet, though the light Chaos died when the sun went down. The cat, Kaj, claimed that it was one of his harmless pranks, and everyone laughed about their experiences. It is considered the second best prank ever made.
  • Scratch was yeeted into a random dude's basement again, but this year, their basement got deleted by a moderator.


  1. remembwer, ywou must bwe a vewy nice pewwwwson. uwu
  2. The Real Bat Man[citation needed]
  3. Batman once said this on April Fools’ Day: “I’m Big Mac. Chop em needs pee”
  4. It happened before
  5. Oh no, viruses!
  6. RIP the over 175,000,000 computers. You will all be missed :(
  7. lol
  8. Kaj keeps those dragons so he always has some guards
  9. The person had to find them on the top of Mount dQw4w9WgXcQ
  10. Only people who were not banned or said to have caught computer flu attended.
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