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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Animation Hall of Fame. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
The Animation Hall of Fame is actually not a hall, despite its name, but a mud puddle in one of MIT's parks. It is actually not about animations, despite its name, but cakes that everyone cries about when they fell into the puddle. The only true word in the name, the one that does not lie, is "fame", because the puddle is very famous. No one knows why.

Origin of Name

A hypothesis suggested by a red ant near the puddle for the origin of name is:

  1. Peoples carry super boring animations
  2. Peoples fall into the puddle
  3. Animations fall into the puddle
  4. So many boring animations
  5. Anyone can come to the puddle to watch boring animations and then wonder what they're doing with their life.

Example Animations

  • Rock walk cycle (no animation at all because rocks don't walk, just a boring image of a rock)
  • How to eat a rock (blank project because no one eats rocks)
  • The tale of Oogamonowaymoloooo (a screamer; there is a frustrated voice screaming that he does not know what an Oogamonowaymoloooo is, no animation too)
  • All movies made by Scratch Studios (Batman vs. Evil Kumquats, The Toothpaste Man etc.) - Rotten Tomatoes declare their movies so terrible that they raid the Scratch headquarters and throw all their movies into the puddle.