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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Abs () (block). Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
abs ()
Abs ().png
Category Operators[1]
Type Weird round thing
Introduced in When Kaj ate dinner
Removed in NEVER[2]

The abs () block was a block that allowed you to set the number of abs the sprite had. To count the number of abs the sprite had, you would need to type in a very specific sentence, which is "How MaNY aBS dOeS tHIs SPrItE hAvE?" into the text box. To remove abs, you had to manually edit the sprite to get the number of abs back to normal. 

This block was created by the Scratch Cat to measure his abs >:D[3]

The only person that accomplished getting abs off of a sprite without manually modifying it is Kaj.[4] This is the code they used:

when green flag clicked::cat
erase (1) abs from (Sprite1 v)::operators

Every Scratcher had tried and failed to gain abs, because this block was only able to give abs to sprites. Some genius Scratchers devised a workaround by editing the Scratch Team's top-secret JSON files:

when green flag clicked::cat
give (1) abs to (me v)::operators

The same guy who edited Scratch team's JSON files wanted to be the person with the most abs. He used this code:

when green flag clicked::cat
give (9999999999) abs to (me v)::operators

He made himself one giant ab, but then got banned by the ST for modifying the JSON files.[5]

I shouldn't have used the forever block!

– The guy

The guy now


  1. Yes, this thing made surgery on a grape.
  2. If the Scratch Team does, Kaj will delete Scratch from existence.
  3. Which is 0, by the way.
  4. YES, IT WAS ME, KAJ >:D
  5. He still has the giant ab in the dungeon.
  6. r3fr0nCs are terrible for the wiki...