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Rage icon.png This is an April Fools' Day version of Abbreviations on the Forums. Please don't take it seriously. You can find the original here.
This is a list of terms, abbreviations, and acronyms on commonly used on the Scratch Forums (as well as other forums), to make things harder for Scratchers that have recently made their first post.



  • 46s: A term used to describe the event of 46 versions of Kaj (AKA Kaj/Shadow Androids) invading the Scratch Forums
  • 85ed: a term used to describe a forum topic closed by the opening poster
  • 86ed: a term used to describe a forum topic closed by the Scratch Team


  • AT: This stands for Advanced offTopics. The AT forum is a place where all the 1337 hax0rs meet to discuss ways to stop the Scratch Team's energy unit plot. However, nothing constructive ever happens because people always get sidetracked by memes, waffles and pizza.


  • Baka: derived from the Japanese word 馬鹿, meaning fool. A Baka can have two meanings:

1. A Scratcher that acts against the Community Guidelines because he or she is ignorant. 2. A New Scratcher who misuses the discussion forums, either by posting in the wrong forum, or posting without grammar, proper logic, or just posts spam.

  • Bump: Using a ping pong paddle to "bump" the topic to the first page. Please note that in order to bump a topic, you must hit your computer with a ping pong paddle. The farther away you are from MIT, the harder you have to hit it. Also, the older the computer, the harder you have to hit it.


  • Dup(licat)e: A post that is exactly the same as another post. They are eaten by the Scratch Team.


  • Garagara: derived from the Japanese Sound Word ガラガラ, the sound word for the opening of a sliding door, this sound describes the scrolling of the mouse or trackpad to go to the footer and access the Discussion Forums. Should not be confused with Baka.


  • iTopic: An iTopic is a topic manufactured by Apple. They are inferior to sticky topics, so they get less attention.
  • IWHS: I Will Hack Scratch


  • Kansen: A common type of spammer that usually spams links to virus sites on the forums. The term comes from Japanese.


  • Ninjaed/Ninja'd: When a user throws a ninja star at another user's profile page, destroying the target's account and everything they shared or made on the Internet or anything that uses electricity. Their name is put on a blacklist permanently so they can never access the internet or anything that uses electricity again. Usually done against Scratch Team members although they are immune to them.


  • Pakapaka: derived from the Japanese Sound Word パカパカ, the galloping of the My Little Neigh Pony on Scratch, this sound describes the clacking of a keyboard.


  • Sticky: A sticky topic is a topic which contains all the forum rules, but nobody bothers to read them. Violating a sticky topic results in a fine of $99999999 and will start a worldwide flame war.
  • Sour Fluff: A common term to decribe a Scratch Team member in the Advanced Topics.


  • Team Cable: A group of spammers that frequently invade the forums. They have millions of ninja stars.