This page is a starting point for articles that need to be changed upon the release of Scratch 3.0.

Creating Articles

Anyone can create a 3.0 article if they think that it needs to be updated.


Scratch 3.0 Articles are strictly regulated. You may be notified and reminded of the rules if you do not follow them.

  • These articles must be treated as normal mainspace articles
  • The purpose of this prefix is for the subpages to replace the corresponding pages when Scratch 3.0 is fully released. Therefore, attempt to write in present tense where applicable, or otherwise write as if Scratch 3.0 is already released and integrated into the website.
  • Some templates may have red links when used on pages under this prefix. There is no need to fix these templates, as everything will return to normal when the 3.0 articles are moved into mainspace.
  • Redirects are allowed, but please refrain from creating extraneous redirects (such as spelling, capitalization, or plural redirects), and make sure that the redirects only redirect to other pages under the same prefix. Try to focus on complete articles, rather than redirects.


For an article to be created, it must meet the following criteria:

  • The article needs major changes (tense changes are included in this, as changing the tense of the article from future to present, or from present to past, is rather major).
  • The changes will take effect immediately on the release of Scratch 3.0, not before or after.
  • The article must be a mainspace article or a template; other namespaces are not necessary and will be deleted if created here.

Add an article

Click the button below to create a new 3.0 article. Note that you do not need to add "Scratch Wiki:3.0 Articles/" in front of the name - it is added for you.



These are all of the 3.0 articles: